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Jobey Asti Pipe

Jobey pipes are mid-priced high-quality pipes that have been sold for close to a century, beginning with the company formation in England in the 1920’s before moving to the U.S. for the better half of the century. After a stint in Saint-Claude with Butz-Choquin the brand is once more back in the U.S. with F&K Cigar Co. in St. Louis, MO. These stylish Jobey pipes have been a choice pick of pipe smokers for generations and seem to work especially well for the novice pipe smoker, providing a smooth smoking experience.

Jobey Asti Pipe Finish

The Jobey Asti is a line of Jobey pipes that feature an impeccable finish. As with each Jobey line of pipes, the Jobey Asti line features an array of bowl shapes and stem style. The various bowl styles you can find in the Asti line include:

  • Square Shank Billiard
  • Half-Bent Billiard
  • Quarter Bent Squat Bulldog
  • Oval Shanked Canadian
  • Half Bent Taper

BriarJobey Asti Pipe

These briar pipes feature bowls that are super smooth to the touch as well as those that have a more textured feel or even a mix of the two. Because these tend to be smaller pipes, the Asti’s are easily gripped and held in the palm, a pipe that you will enjoy taking out and about when you need to leave the house, but want to take along a good smoker.

Pipe Line

Some of the Jobey Asti pipes are finished off with a brass band and swirled stems in various shades while others feature a classic, black, Lucite stem to finish off the look. The Jobey stems also feature the Jobey screw-type stem, meaning they are easily changed out should damage or heavy wear occur. Each Jobey arrives in the familiar brand box, red with black accents.


If you are looking for the perfect gift for the novice pipe smoker in your life, you just can’t go wrong with a Jobey Asti. Gaining in renewed popularity and admiration after having long been seen as inferior to other major brands, the mid-range price offers a great way for the new smoker to gain some experience before trying to move on to higher price or specialty pipes.

Jobey Asti Collection

And, if you are considering collecting, these pipes are just right for starting a first set. They’re affordable, well-made, beautifully finished and durable. Once you get some experience with the Jobey Astis’, you’ll find yourself becoming a convicted Jobey fan. For the price, it’s easy to pick up one of these beauties and find out for yourself what you’ve been missing.

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