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Jobey Band Pipe

If you are looking for a unique set of pipes to begin a collection or to just enjoy a great smoke, the Jobey Band line of pipes are definitely worth a look. These uniquely styled pipes are definite attention grabbers with unique design aspects that draw the eye and invite the touch. If you’re looking to learn a little bit more about what the Jobey Band pipes offer, then just keep reading.

Various Jobey Band pipes include:

  • Jobey Band Pipe 110 – This Square Shank Billiard style pipe features a smoothJobey Band Pipes auburn hued finish with spot carvings that give it a wholly unique look unlike any other. The acrylic Lucite stem is a dark shade of the same auburn finish with lighter gold aspects finished with a brass and black band at the shank. This pipe measures an impressive 6 inches in length and 3 inches high at the bowl, a nice fit to any hand.
  • Jobey Band Pipe 130 – This 6 inch long pipe features the same burnished auburn color with a smooth bowl 2 inches in height. Decorative spot carvings add unique texture and curve to the shank while the acrylic Lucite stem is a solid, nearly translucent, auburn.
  • Jobey Band Pipe 145 – This beautiful Half-Bent Billiard is 5.5 inches long and has a 2 inch tall bowl. It’s a smooth finished pipe featuring just a very few spot carved areas near the end of the shank just beneath the banded end of the stem. The color is a gorgeous auburn gold with an acrylic Lucite stem in a slightly marbled dark auburn hue.
  • Jobey Band Pipe 680 – This is a Full Bent Billiard crafted pipe 5 inches in length with a short 2 inch tall bowl, full in the shank curve with just a few spot carved areas for added texture. Like most all of the Jobey Band line, the stem is acrylic lucite in a darker auburn shade to made the rich, auburn gold color in the pipe.

Pipe Shapes

Other shapes, if you have a preference in pipe shape, include the favored Squat Bulldog, Oval Shanked Canadian, Quarter Bent Squat Bulldog, and Standard Bulldog. These pipes give a mellow smoking experience are the perfect buy for a new pipe smoker who anyone who wants a great pipe to carry with them when they need to be out and about. The Jobey Band is a great pipe line by a company that is gaining ground in popularity for its visually appealing collections and smooth smoke.

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