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Jobey Filter Smoke Pipe

Ask some hardcore pipe aficionados’ what they think about Jobey pipes and you will get some fairly critical answers, answers you would pretty much get about any product that didn’t go hand and hand with the pure way of doing something. However, Filtersmoke pipes have actually gained in acceptance and popularity over the years since their introduction and even the hardcore are going back to take a second look at these specialized pipes, especially those in the U.S. who seem to have been some of the last of the hardcore types to accept filtering in their pipe smoking.

Jobey Filter Smoke Pipe Line

The Jobey Filter Smoke 9mm Filter Pipes are a stunning line of pipes.  The colors in the shape and shank are absolutely gorgeous, looking like a drop of cream spilled into someJobey Filter Smoke Pipe chocolate and snapshotted as they two colors began swirling together. The finish on these pipes are smooth and the only engraving done is in the name etched almost invisibly into the shank, just below the saddle. And, as with all of the Jobey line of pipes, you can find just about any pipe style that pleases you as an individual piece or make an outstanding collection of the whole set.

One of the most attractive of the Jobey Filter smoke pipe line is the 145. This is fairly classic Large Half Bent Billiard that will fit snug to the palm and sit great to the lip. The pipe measures in at about 5.5 inches in length with a height difference of 3 inches from the bottom of the shank to the bit. The shape and bowl measure in at 2 inches in height and just a smidge over 1 inch in diameter across. The shank flows seamlessly up into the beautifully curving saddle and stem. It’s just one of the truly lovely pipes in a very satisfying collection.

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