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Jobey Pipe

There may be a few pipe aficionados who are familiar with the Jobey pipe, but it is actually somewhat of a rarity, and little is known about its origins. The Jobey pipe was originally created in England, came to the U.S. And today is made in France. It is thought that the high quality and smaller availability of these pipes comes from the fact that this company aged their briar for several years before crafting them into pipes. They are also enjoyed for their distinctive link between the stem and the shank. The link is a minute threaded connection that allows for an easy replacement of the pipe stem.

Jobey DurabilityJobey Pipe

Another good quality to the Jobey pipe is the Lucite pieces that are extremely durable. The grain of the briar is also exceptionally good, and since these pieces are usually very affordable, this makes a Jobey one of the big favorites for beginners. If you are new to tobacco pipes, there are some factors to consider when selecting your first Jobey. First consider the price. You need to find a happy medium between quality and your budget. Jobey's are usually very affordable. Next, decide on what shape you want the stem and bowl to be. Consider if there are pits on the exterior that have been filled in with putty, as this putty will wear away over time.

Pipe Stem

When choosing a pipe, look at the filter in the stem. If it is made of metal, it may be a distraction while smoking, due to the noise a metal filter can make in a pipe. Look at the grain of the wood and the varnishes, and be sure to choose one that not only looks good, but will feel comfortable to the hand as well. If shopping online, look at the weight measurements of the pipe, and try to see how that much weight will fit into your hand. If you are shopping in person, you can hold the pipe to find a good fit.

Pipe Flaws

Check for any flaws in the pipe before you buy it, and do not be offset by a sandblasted finish, as these are thought to actually help cool the smoke. Once you have your pipe, you will need to make sure you have all of the accessories to clean your pipe and wipe it down after use. If you take good care of your pipe, whether it is sandblasted or smooth, it will look like new and last for many years. 

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