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Jobey Pipes

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Depending on the year, a Jobey pipe could have been produced in England, North America, or France. Since the early 1920’s, Jobey pipes have jumped continents with production falling into the hands of seven different companies over the years. No one is really sure who first produced smoking pipes under the Jobey brand. The pipes are believed to have originated in England; but their true origin is still a bit of a mystery. Jobey pipes were, for most of their history, primarily an English and American brand.

Jobey pipes are best known for the “Jobey Link” which is a screw thread system, allowing for easy repair when needed. Most Jobey pipes are made with this unique feature, but not all so double check your selection if this is a feature you prefer.

Browse our selection of Jobey Pipes below and become a part of the fun and mystery of this unique brand. 

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