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Jobey Stromboli Pipe

Is there anything not to love about a pipe line with a name that is so much fun to say as well as to look at and smoke? The Jobey Stromboli line of pipes is a great addition to any smoker’s collection, whether you are just starting out or you are a pipe smoker with Jobey Stromboli Pipedecades of experience. The Jobey Stomboli pipe line features pipes that sing in the hand, the textured bowl and shanks a pleasure to the touch. And, despite a look that harkens back to the old corncob type of pipe of long ago, these are definitely pipes that carry an updated feel.

Jobey Stromboli Shapes

Just a few of the various types of Jobey Stromboli shapes and sizes include the following:

  • Jobey Stromboli 110 – The pipe is made in the familiar Square Shank Billiard Style with a black carved finish and dark marbled acrylic stem in shades of deep brown, amber, and gold. The pipe is 5.5 inches and length with a 2 inch tall bowl.
  • Jobey Stomboli 165 – A Quarter Bent Squat Bulldog styled pipe, the bowl is just over 1 inch in height and the length comes in at 5 inches. The stem of this particular pipe features beautiful amber and gold melding with an almost shimmered look as the light hits it.
  • Jobey Stomboli 300 – This Full Bent Billiard style pipe is 4.5 inches in length with a full 3 inch height difference between the bottom of the bowl and the end of the stem where it seats to the mouth. The gorgeous black carved bowl is just less than 2 inches in height and the stem is near dark caramel in color.
  • Jobey Stomboli 470 – This little beauty is styled in the Half Bent Taper with a 2 inch high bowl that measures about 1.5 inches in diameter. The full length of the pipe is 5.5 inches and the coloring is much like the others in the Stomboli line, with a deep black carved finish on the bowl and shank and a darkly marbled acrylic stem.

Jobey Stromboli

Jobey Stromboli Price

If you prefer a darker pipe or a textured feel in the hand, these are definitely the pipes you should consider. Reasonably priced in the mid-range, they are a great start for anyone interested in taking up pipe smoking. The Jobey brand has been around for nearly a century and though most popular back in the 70’s, this is a pipe brand that is enjoying reinvigorated popularity, gaining recognition for offering a smooth smoking experience.

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