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Jobey Sunburst Pipe

The line of Jobey Sunburst pipes is a truly beautiful collection of pipes that anyone who collects would be happy to have. The color on the bowls and shank are shades of glimmering brown, gold, chocolate, and amber and may vary on your individual pipe, some darker and some lighter. This truly eye-pleasing group of pipes is recognized for their attractive qualities and provides a great smoke to those who indulge. The pipes do feature a link between the shank and the stem known as the Jobey link and this is found on all Jobey pipes, unique to them.Jobey Sunburst Pipe

Jobey Sunburst Pipe Models

Individual pipes you can find in the Jobey Sunburst collection include the Jobey Sunburst Pipe 300. This awesome little Full Bent Billiard styled pipe is just 4 inches in length but measures an pretty impressive height difference of 4 inches from the bottom of the shank to where the stem curves in and moves into the bit. The richly colored shape and shank flow into a black acrylic stem that is highlighted with a brass band. It’s truly a unique and special pipe that will definitely garner a few compliments when you’re caught smoking it out in public.

Another Jobey Sunburst you might enjoy is the Jobey Sunburst 200. This is basically your typical Quarter Bent Squat Bulldog design but the stem doesn’t curve quite as much, flowing more smoothly to the bent. This pipe measures about 5 and ¼ inches long with a shape and bowl measuring about 1.5 inches in height. The colors in the shank and shape, as well as the stem are all in line with the rest of the Sunburst group. You can also find the other tradition pipe shapes, including the Half Bent Taper, Square Shank Billiard, the Large Half Bent Billiard, and more.

Jobey Sunburst Pipe Success

While a few other companies have enjoyed more commercial success over the last century, the Jobey line of pipes is a brand that has never given up. In their persistence, the brand, now owned out of St. Louis, MO by F&K Cigar Co., is proving to be something of a comeback kid success story. Pipe smoking enthusiasts are now coming out of the woodwork to talk about their favored Jobey pipes, acknowledging what a great smooth smoke a Jobey provides. It is a great brand for the novice smoker and for any pipe collector looking for unique and eye-catching designs.

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