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Jobey Vesuvio Pipe

The Jobey Vesuvio pipes are mid-range pipes that both those new to pipe smoking and those well entrenched in this smoking art form can appreciate. The Jobey Vesuvio pipes, Jobey Vesuvioincluding the Jobey Vesuvio 1770, Jobey Vesuvio 1793, Jobey Vesuvio 1771, Jobey Vesuvio 1789, Jobey Vesuvio 1320, and the Jobey Vesuvio 1422 are all beautifully finished and high-polish pipes.

Jobey Vesuvio pipes include:

  • The Jobey Vesuvio 1770 features a Cherrywood shape with a curved black Lucite stem. It is 5.4 inches in total length and an impressive 2.2 inches in height at the bowl.
  • The Dublin shaped Jobey Vesuvio 1771 is another impressive briar pipe with Lucite stem, 5.5 inches in length with a modest 1.8 inch high bowl.
  • The fun Jobey Vesuvio 1789 has a Bent Apple shape, black Lucite stem with an overall smooth finish. It measure 5.3 inches long with the slightly rotund little bowl measuring in at 1.6 inches in height.

Jobey History

Jobey brand pipes go back to the 1920’s and a small upstart business that began in England. Over the years, the Jobey brand switched hands numerous times, including George Yale Pipes & Tobacco in New York in 1942, Norwalk Pipe Co., New York, in 1949, and then on to Arlington Briar Pipes Coporation, Hollco International, Weber Pipe Co. out of New Jersey in the 70’s, as well as The Tinderbox in the 70’s and 80’s.

At one point the Jobey brand ended up in Saint-Claude Paris under the Butz-Choquin wheelhouse before in recent years finding its way back into the U.S. out of F&K Cigar Co. in St. Louis, MO who have managed to reinvigorate the Jobey brand. With lines like the Jobey Vesuvio, Jobey is finally gaining steam and a lot of much deserved recognition. As one Jobey fan has put it, “they are one of the most overlooked pipes on the market.”

Jobey Vesuvio Tobacco PipePipe Market

As more and more people catch on to the pipe smoking hobby, the Jobey Vesuvio line of pipes, and other Jobey lines, should continue to grow in appreciation and value. They’re a modestly priced pipe at this point and a great way for a novice smoker to take up pipe smoking. These are the pipes that are not only beautiful to look at, but the pipes that can be enjoyed on a near daily basis. Invest in a Jobey Vesuvio pipe and kick back with a good show, good music, or on the back porch to enjoy the sunset. Anyway you smoke it, you’re going to love your Vesuvio.

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