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Kaywoodie Pipes

Kaywoodie pipes are known for being cool-smoking and consistent value tobacco pipes. These smoking pipes are an economical way for beginners to experience their first pipes and are beloved by many long-time American pipe smokers.

S.M. Frank & Co. is regarded as the oldest pipe maker in America. The company was founded by the Kaufman Brothers in 1919, but has roots dating back to 1851 so this claim isn’t entirely without merit. Today their smoking pipes are manufactured in The United States out of Briar imported from Italy.

Kaywoodie pipes are known for their signature drinkless screw mounted attachment. This device helps to cool the smoke significantly before it reaches your mouth, making Kaywoodie pipes a significantly cooler smoke than other pipes. The device also traps undesirable particles like tar and burnt flakes in the shank of the pipe.

Learn more about the Kaywoodie history. Browse our selection of Kaywoodie cool smoke tobacco pipes below. 

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