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Kaywoodie versus Medico Tobacco Pipes

Whether you're looking to buy your very first tobacco pipe or need to add one or two to your collection in order to increase proper rotation and let your favorite pipe rest between smokes, there are plenty of options.  Most people starting out or supplementing at first will probably look into lower priced pipes.  Kaywoodie and Medico tobacco pipes are two of the most commonly purchased budget pipes, and have several notable differences to consider.  If you're looking for the right pipe for you, either of these two options could be the right choice to make as long as you understand the differences between them.

kaywoodie tobacco pipe

Kaywoodie tobacco pipes are upper end budget pipes, and some are even considered to be more of a mid-level pipe in terms of quality.  They're made from briar wood, like most pipes, and utilize a drinkless attachment instead of a filter to help keep the smoke cool and the experience pleasurable.  Numerous styles, designs, textures, and finishes exist when buying one of these pipes, and you'll be able to find a pipe that matches your style and personality perfectly, as well as your budget.  They are, however, a bit more expensive than a Medico pipe, so if money is a big factor you may want to consider that option instead.

Medico tobacco pipes are among the most affordable ones you can get on the market.  The cost difference is reflected in the material, however.  Many of these pipes are made from Brylon, a synthetic compound created to drive the cost of pipes down in the sixties.  Unless you're careful, the pipe will smoke very hot and could impart a bitter or off-putting flavor.  Some of the pipes are made from important Italian briar wood, although the quality will be lower than even a Kaywoodie and putty might be used to fill in gaps or holes.Medico tobacco pipe

Obviously, a Medico tobacco pipe isn't going to win awards.  But for those looking for a great entry point into pipes, a pipe that they can travel with without fear of damaging or losing it, or those needing a pipe to help their rotation, they're a good choice.  Kaywoodie pipes are a few steps up in quality, but are still very affordable while providing good smoking experiences.  Both types are worth purchasing depending upon what you're looking for, so take the time to determine what you need from your pipe and you'll be able to make the right buy.