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Kaywoodie versus Yello Bole Tobacco Pipes

The right tobacco pipe will help you enjoy your smoking experience far more than you would otherwise.  Your pipe should be comfortable for you to use, fit your personality, and give you the best smoke possible.  For many, it's a tough decision to buy their first pipe.  Even if they manage to choose one quickly, the fact is that having more than one is important since a pipe needs to rest between smokes.  Kaywoodie and Yello Bole tobacco pipes are two popular brands that make great first pipes or nice additions to help with pipe rotation, letting your more expensive pipes rest as needed.

Kaywoodie Tobacco Pipes

Kaywoodie tobacco pipes are made from imported Italian briar wood.  Unlike other pipes, they don't rely on filters to help cool the smoke or catch tar and ash.  Instead, they utilize a 'drinkless' attachment that accomplishes the same goal.  They're less expensive than higher end pipes, but are regarded by many pipe lovers to be the best budget pipe money can get since they combine quality with affordability.  There are numerous designs, styles, and finishes available and finding one to match your taste and personality is usually easy to do.  They make great first pipes and are nice additions to help round out a collection as well, but cost a bit more than Yello Bole pipes.

Yello Bole Tobacco Pipes

Yello Bole tobacco pipes are an even cheaper option that many first time pipe buyers opt to choose instead.  Some of these pipes may be made from briar wood, while others are made from a synthetic compound known as Brylon.  It was designed to be a cheap and easy alternative to briar wood, and is the reason that the pipes are so cheap.  However, many purists claim that the smoking experience is inferior to a Kaywoodie or any other pure wood pipe.  Others argue that they're great introductory or travel pipes, and that your choice of tobacco is more important than anything else.

If you're buying a first pipe and don't want to spend much money to find out if you like smoking a pipe, a Yello Bole is usually the right call.  If you already know you enjoy pipe smoking or would rather start with a higher quality pipe right out of the gate, Kaywoodie pipes may be for you.  Both are excellent choices that offer something to the smoker – be it a more affordable entry point or a nice, inexpensive addition to a steadily growing collection.