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Loading Tobacco

Loading tobacco in the pipe:

Loading tobacco in your Dr. Grabow, Peterson or Savinelli pipe properly is very important for the burn and longevity of the tobacco. Even though different tobacco’s have different packing instructions, here is an overview of how to properly pack the tobacco. Always refer to the tobacco type for its packing instructions. Most tobaccos use a three stage packing process.

  1. Take a pinch of pipe tobacco and place it in the pipe bowl. Very gently push down on the tobacco.
  2. Take another pinch of pipe tobacco and place it in the pipe bowl again. Push down on the tobacco a little more harder than the first one.
  3. This is the last step. Get the last pinch of tobacco to fill the pipe bowl to the top. Push down on the tobacco hard to pack it in.

After the third step, the tobacco should be able to be pushed down a little bit in the pipe. This type of packing will allow for maximum air flow and proper and even burn of the pipe tobacco. After the pipe is pack it is time to light the tobacco.

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