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Make your Collection Shine with Varying Tobacco Pipes

Tobacco pipes are a great to show off to your friends at a dinner party. The more unique tobacco pipes you have in your collection, the more popular you will be. However, making your very own tobacco pipe does not mean that you waltz into the first store you come across, grab a few tobacco pipes that engage your fancy and chuck them in an expensive velvet box for all to see.

In other words, the type, brand and texture of a tobacco pipe are what make it a contender for any quality collection. Amongst all of the tobacco pipes gracing the mouths of people across the globe, the following are the most sought after – 
When it comes to selecting a tobacco pipe, you are usually faced with 4 options. You can choose a pipe that is either made of clay, corncob, meerschaum or briar. Manage to get all four in your collection and you have it made. All four come with their own perks –

As the name might imply, pipes made from these are known to be one of the oldest to date. They are inexpensive but are not durable and can also burn you. Therefore they are not for beginners. However, having one of these pieces doesn’t mean that you have to smoke them. They can enjoy pride of place in your collection.

This is perhaps the most popular choice for any tobacco pipe. This is because it is made from the root balls of Tree Heath, a dense wood that is known to be resistant to fire. Other than that, it is also super absorbent and a good insulator. 
However, you will have to build up a carbon cake inside the bowl of a briar pipe prior to smoking it. This will help protect the wood. This also means that you will have to limit your smoking ministrations to a single type of tobacco. A briar pipe also needs to cool down before the next smoke. Nevertheless, any collection would be incomplete without it.

Dr. GrabowSavinelliPeterson and Brebbia are all made of briar.

Meerschaum pipes are made from lightweight meerschaum stones. These stones are porous and are mined in the plains of Turkey. Tobacco pipes made from this stone are said to be ideal for smoking. Its white color and the fact that it can be carved into an assortment of shapes also make it a favorite smoking pipe for women.
Meerschaum pipes are also easier to maintain than briar pipes since you won’t have to maintain or build up a protective carbon cake in it like on a briar. This is also convenient since it allows you to switch between different types of tobacco. The downside to owning a meerschaum pipe is that it is more fragile than a briar or corncob and can burn up easily. Still, it’s beautiful design and coloring makes its inclusion in any collection worthwhile.

This pipe might remind you of a snowman culture but that doesn’t change the fact that it also unique to American culture. These types of pipes come without any filters and are also easy to take care of.

Any of these tobacco pipes add to your collection to show off to all your friends!