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Medico versus Dr. Grabow Tobacco Pipes

Choosing a good pipe involves a few considerations, but one of the first things people look at is the brand or line of the tobacco pipe.  Cost is another factor, and most prices are linked to a specific brand.  Some lines of pipes, for instance, are known for costing hundreds of dollars while others are much more affordable.  Dr. Grabow and Medico tobacco pipes are two brands that are among the more affordable and popular lines on the market, and determining whether or not they're right for you involves nothing more than learning just a bit about each of them and what they offer.

Dr. Grabow Tobacco PipesDr. Grabow tobacco pipes are among the most popular in the country due to their lower prices and their reasonable quality.  They're made in the mountains of North Carolina and over two hundred thousand of them are sold every year.  These pipes are made of briar wood, just like most other pipes, and are available in numerous sizes, styles, and designs.  They use a filter system, but the filter is often removed by smokers to enjoy a richer smoke.  Most agree that they're among the best value pipes on the market, but they do cost more than a Medico pipe will.

Medico Tobacco PipesMedico is a cheaper line of pipes that are only rarely made from wood.  In most cases they're made from a compound known as Brylon, developed in the sixties to reduce costs.  Brylon pipes burn hotter than wooden ones but are far more durable – the old saying is that if you can drive nails with it, it's a Brylon.  They also have some briar pipes on the market, but the wood is normally a lower quality and putty may be used to fill gaps or holes.  Still, they're cheaper than even a Dr. Grabow and offer a good entry point for the money.

There's nothing wrong with buying a Medico if you're starting out with pipe smoking or if you're looking for a good pipe to add to your rotation.  Dr. Grabow is regarded with a bit more respect, but the simple truth is that each pipe offers something different – one offers a budget option while the other offers a higher price but overall better value.  The choice is ultimately up to you and you'll have plenty of options from both lines to choose from.  The main thing to remember is that if you like a pipe, that's all that really matters.