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Medico versus Yello Bole Tobacco Pipes

While tobacco pipe aficionados will attest to the fact that high grade, high quality pipes add something to the smoking experience, there's also little argument that there is nothing to be ashamed of when buying a budget pipe.  Whether buying your very first pipe, looking for one that you can travel with without worry, or just buying something new to add to your collection, buying an inexpensive pipe is a choice that makes plenty of sense.  The two most popular lines of cheaper pipes are probably Yello Bole or Medico pipes, and they have some similarities and differences to be aware of.

The main thing that these two pipes have in common is that most pipes in their respective lines aren't made from briar wood at all but are instead made from a compound known as Brylon.  This compound was created to help lower the rising costs of pipes in the sixties by serving as an alternative to wood.  Both Medico and Yello Bole pipes use it for most of their pipes.  Some pipes are available from each line that are made from briar wood, although they are usually created from lower quality wood that will have to have some holes filled with putty.

Yello Bole Tobacco PipesThat isn't to say that a Medico or Yello Bole pipe isn't worth buying, however.  Brylon will get much hotter than a wooden pipe will, but it's still possible to enjoy a good smoke with it.  The key is controlling your flame and knowing what to expect.  However, the big difference between the two pipes is the filter.  A Medico pipe uses a specially designed paper filter while the Yello Bole uses a push bit and scoop system.  Both work well, and it's really a matter of personal preference as to which is the best option for you to buy.  

Medico Tobacco PipesEach line of pipes has several unique styles, finishes, and designs for their pipes.  You'll want to take the time to look at what each one offers and make the purchase that fits into your collection and your tastes the best.  Both Medico and Yello Bole have long histories as excellent starter or addition pipes, and they're perfect gifts as well if you have a pipe lover in your family.  Consider the construction – whether Brylon or briar – and the filter system, and then look at the design of the pipe.  Doing so will ensure you make a purchase that you get plenty of pleasure from.