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Most Common Wood Used to Make Pipes

Wood is one of the most common materials used to make pipes that people use to smoke tobacco. This is to help insulate the tobacco and help it to burn more effectively. Tobacco that slowly burns can taste better and also can last longer in the pipe that it is smoked from. The wood that is used in pipes also needs to be treated with fire resistant coating or retardant. This is so that the pipe does not burn up along with the tobacco when a person is smoking the pipe.

Most Common Wood Used to Make PipesMost Common Woods Used

The most common wood used to make pipes include cherry wood, briar wood, and maple wood. There are also many other types of wood that are used to make pipes with. The type of wood is important in the construction of the pipe as well as in the function of the pipe. Many high quality pipes are made from briar wood. The wood is usually aged for at least one hundred years before it is used to make the pipe. Pipes that are made from briar wood tend to be more expensive than any other type of wood because it is more difficult to find and it is considered to be the most fire resistant of all the woods used to make pipes.

Most Common Wood Used Maple

Maple wood is a bit less expensive than briar wood because it can be found and is readily available to make pipes from. The pipes that are made from maple wood are considered to be some of the most beautiful and ornately decorated wood works. This is due to the fact that maple wood can be easily manipulated and carved unlike some of the other wood types. The only problem with this type of wood is that the pies do not last as long and are not as durable as other types of wood.

Most Common Wood Used Cherry

Cherry wood was commonly used when people handmade their own pipes. This type of wood has a beautiful stain and most people like to retain the natural wood grains on the outside of the pipe. This wood is used a bit less often than the other two types of wood, but it is still considered one of the more common types of wood used. Other woods such as mahogany and beech are used to make pipes, and they can create a stunning appearance when they are carved to perfection. These woods are much less commonly  found in the construction of pipes than the other types.