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Most Expensive Tobacco Pipes

Smoking tobacco pipes is a relaxing habit that has been around for centuries. But the Internet has brought this activity to more and more people around the world. Today, there are smoke shops all over the world that cater to a growing number of people who want to kick back and allow the pleasure of tobacco pipe smoking to take them away. Pipes can come in many different shapes and sizes, and they can also range in cost. You do not need to pay a lot to get a good pipe, but there are some pipes that command a lot of money on the open market.

Expensive Pipe Characteristics

There are some characteristics to look for that will make a pipe expensive. Amber was a material that was used as a stem on the more expensive pipes on the market, but that practice has all but disappeared. If you find a pipe with an amber stem, then you have found a collector’s item that is worth a lot of money.

Expensive Sherlock Holmes Pipes

Sometimes a pipe that seems to be expensive winds up being one of the more pricey variety of smoking devices on the planet. Most people have seen the large bowl pipe used by Sherlock Holmes in the movies and on the covers of the books. Those pipes are made of a material called a Calabash gourd. The process of finding a Calabash gourd and turning it into a pipe is labor intensive and makes the pipe extremely expensive. If you find a genuine pipe made of this material then not only will you look like a person who is grounded in logic, but you will also have a very expensive pipe in your collection.

Most Expensive Tobacco PipesExpensive Meerschaum Pipes

If you want to hit a home run for your pipe collection, then you need to find one that is made of a mineral named Meerschaum. This is a material found in Turkey and used to make some of the most ornate pipes in the world. There are plenty of pipes that are carved into various designs, but the ones made of Meerschaum are the ones that have some of the highest price tags.

People who collect pipes are very familiar with the materials used to create the most expensive pipes in the world. One of the most expensive brands is Dunhill. The work that goes into making a tobacco pipe, along with the materials used to create it, will often combine to create some of the highest priced pipes available in the world.