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Nording Fantasy Tobacco Pipes

Eric Nording is a well renowned brand of smoking pipes. The man started pipe crafting some 50 years back as his hobby and today has grown on to become the best Danish pipe maker across the world. Nording tobacco pipes are known for their male outlook and classic designs. They are certainly collector’s item apiece. Eric Nording’s pipe making business manufacturers about 50,000 pipes every year.

Nording Fantasy Tobacco PipesNording Status Symbol

Nording tobacco pipes have become a status and class symbol. Smoking a Nording pipe doesn’t only maximizes your smoking pleasure but it adds class and sophistication to your entire personality. There are so many Nording tobacco pipe series available in the market that you will actually be confused about which one to pick and which to leave behind. The design of all Nording Tobacco pipes is very classic and manly. Also high quality briars are used to manufacture the bowl so the pipes are considered very durable. Once you buy yourself a Nording Tobacco pipe you have a lifetime smoking companion which is going to maximize your smoking pleasure every time you lit it.

Fantasy Line

The Nording Fantasy Pipes series contains a variety of pipes, which include freehand models. High quality briar is used to manufacture the bowl of the Nording Fantasy Tobacco Pipes. Also the bowls in the Fantasy series have deep and dark carvings on the bowls, which gives it a very rustic and rugged shape. The finish however is just great. In fact the Nording Fantasy Tobacco Pipes are a dream that come true for all pipe lovers as the design and handling ease of this series is absolutely amazing. The finish is extremely super for the pipe and the mouthpiece as well. All Fantasy models are crafted with individual characteristics. Most pieces in the Nording Fantasy pipe series have army mounts and large bowls to maximize and lengthen the smoking pleasure of the pipe enthusiasts.

Fantasy Inspiration

The pieces in the Nording Fantasy pipe collection are absolutely amazing and inspired by pipe fantasies of avid pipe smokers around the world, including Eric Nording himself. There is a piece in the amazing Nording Fantasy Tobacco Pipe series that actually looks like melted wax and gives amazing smoke. Fantasy pipe series also include deeply carved freehand models allowing ease of smoking and handling to all tobacco pipe enthusiasts.
All Nording Fantasy Tobacco Pipes do not only look great but offer great smoke as well. The focus of this series is on large bowls and free hands offering ease of smoke. The wood’s integrity is kept intact in all pipes by Nording and that is why as stated earlier no two Nording pipes are ever alike. Without a doubt, the classical design of the Nording Fantasy Tobacco Pipes can be classified as a great piece of art from an expert Danish craftsman.

All Nording Fantasy Tobacco Pipes offer outstanding value and let you enjoy immense smoking pleasure. Your Nording tobacco pipes are definitely your smoking partner for many years to count.

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