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Nording History

The history of the Nording Pipe Company begins with its founder, Erik Nording. Nording was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, and was originally educated in the field of engineering. At the age of fifteen, Nording began his work as a blacksmith with no plans at all of becoming a pipe maker.

Nording's FatherNording History

It was Erik Nording’s father who had a deep interest in both tobacco and pipes. He had a collection of pipes, and would often take them to be repaired in a small shop in Copenhagen. The man who performed these repairs expressed his interest to Erik in opening his own pipe manufacturing business. Knowing Erik’s knowledge of engineering, this man asked Erik if he would be willing to design pipe making machines for him. Erik agreed and got straight to work. Once these machines were finished, however, the man had no money to pay for them, and told Erik he would pay him back once his pipe business took off. Erik disliked this idea, and decided he’d rather keep the equipment and make pipes himself. After some thought, the two men decided to go into business together, and so Nording Pipes was born.


For the last forty years, Nording Pipes has been thriving in the industry. Today, the company produces an average of approximately 20,000 pipes every year, 90% of which are produced for the expert pipe market. Nording Pipes offers a wide selection of uniquely carved pipes in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and colors, leaving something for every smoker to choose from.

One of the areas in which the Nording Pipes Company excels is freehand pipes. Freehand pipes are carved without any pattern or design in mind; they are simply left in the capable hands of the carver. Erik Nording has likely produced more freehand pipes than anyone else in the industry since the 1970s. By choosing a pipe from Nording’s freehand line, customers are guaranteed to receive a unique and beautiful pipe every time.

In addition to its freehand pipes, the Nording Pipe Company offers several other distinctive lines of only the finest quality pipes. With Erik Nording’s years of experience and countless wonderful pipes to serve as testimony, there is no reason to go anywhere else besides Nording Pipes for the perfect smoking apparatus. Nording Pipes are sold through online retailers for unbeatable prices, and are ready to ship to customers anywhere in the world. 

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