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Peterson Aran Pipes: The Smooth, Mellow Smoking Experience

Peterson Aran tobacco pipes have long been a symbol of class and prestige. The elegance of the curve in the polished wood, complete with the bowl and the shank has led to the creation of many artistically carved pipes. Tobacco pipes have today become status symbols and are usually associated with distinguished gentlemen.

Peterson Aran Brand

Peterson Pipes are renowned for their quality and craftsmen ship throughout the world. Peterson Aran PipesOriginating in Ireland, they are hallmarked as a proof of established quality of the precious materials used in their construction.

Peterson of Dublin, which this brand was originally known as was established by Charles Peterson 1875. Since then he has made breakthroughs in the tobacco pipe crafting business, significant enough to have him develop the Peterson Patent System.

Peterson Aran Dry System

The Peterson Patented Dry System was a way to make sure his innovations remained uniquely his, and the Peterson brand today shows that every pipe crafted bears the signs of the excellent workmanship determined by Peterson back in 1890. The patented feature of these pipes is the graduated bores in the mouthpieces. These bores serve to help accumulate the tar and moisture which forms as a residue after smoking, inside a reservoir which is away from the actual bowl of the pipe.

Peterson Aran Pipes are amongst the more affordable options offered by the Peterson Brand. They are sturdy and reliable and many state that they are long lasting, enough to pass down someone when you have outgrown them.

Peterson Aran Pipes have a smooth matte finish, which have been crafted by using traditional tools and methods for their manufacturing. Thus Peterson Aran pipes along with all the other tobacco pipes which are offered by the Peterson brand have innovative, unique and individual design.

Peterson Aran Material

Peterson Aran Pipes are usually constructed with Briar wood, which is exceptional when it comes to making pipes. Briar has natural resistance to fire effectively adding years and protection to the Peterson Aran pipes. They have the ability to absorb in moisture which is the byproduct of combustion in the pipes so the Peterson Aran Pipes do not dry out. Briar burls are cut out from the roots of Briar trees which come from the Mediterranean region. These are cut into two types of blocks called Ebauchon and Plateaux which result in providing the highest quality of Peterson Aran pipes. The more artisan
versions of Peterson Aran pipes are made from plateau as they have superior graining.

The briars used to create the Peterson Aran pipes are examined thoroughly for imperfections, and only the best briars get through the selective screening process which is meant to yield exceptional grain. These specially chosen, top quality grains are known as ‘straight grains’. Straight grains are then carefully stored and conserved till a craftsmen that is hired by Peterson for his superior skills specially handcrafts the pipe which would become the Peterson Aran pipe. The creation of this hand crafted straight grain pipe requires increasingly rare and meticulous skill so that it becomes a masterpiece worthy of the Peterson name.