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Peterson Around The World Pipes

The Peterson Pipe was originally created by Charles Peterson when he formed a partnership with the Kapp Brothers, the professional Dublin-based pipe making team who lived during the 1800’s.  His pipes skyrocketed to popularity almost overnight and the Peterson brand is now recognized as a favorite of pipe smokes worldwide.  Some of the more popular models are the Peterson Around-the-World pipes.

Peterson Around The World Pipes SeriesPeterson Around The World Pipes

There are 6 different pipes in this product series representative of the different countries in the series inclusive of China, France, Germany, Italy, the UK, and the US.  Each pipe features a wide sterling silver band with an etching of that country’s most famous and prolific landmark.  For instance, Big Ben is featured on the band of the UK pipe while the Empire State Building is featured on the band of the pipe representing the US.  Additionally, the bowl of the pipe is done in a rich, red finish.

Peterson Around The World Pipes Dry System

Probably the most significant feature of the Peterson Around-the-World pipes is their pipe Dry System, an exclusive and very unique system that was designed and developed to ensure a dry smoke every time you use it.  This system also prevents moisture from escaping through the pipe stem and into your mouth.  Patented in 1894, the Peterson Dry System keeps moisture away from the smoker because of a small reservoir built into the pipe between the bowl and the base of the pipe stem.

Peterson Around The World Pipes Dottle

Not only does the Dry System ensure a moisture-free smoke, it also provides the user with a cooler smoking experience.  The system also helps prevent the build-up of dottle, the damp, sour-smelling mass of accumulated unburned tobacco that you find at the bottom of the pipe.  Additionally, you may find it a bit challenging to clean the Peterson Pipe P-Lip system, but a small amount of alcohol on a pipe cleaner will make the job a lot easier when it comes time to clean the pipe.

Peterson Around The World Pipes Gift

With the holiday season rapidly approaching once again, one of the different Peterson Around-the-World pipes might just be the ideal gift for the pipe aficionado when you are trying to figure out what to get them for Christmas.  Being one of the most popular pipe brands in the world, there is an abundance of information available over the internet regarding the Peterson Around-the-World pipes as well as other models in the product line.  Be sure to read some product reviews of the different models.  That way you will be sure of purchasing the ideal gift for your pipe-smoking family member or friend.

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