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Peterson Barrel Pipes

The Peterson Pipe brand of smoking pipes has evolved from its early Irish beginnings nearly 150 years ago into being one of the most popular brands of smoking paraphernalia in the entire world.  Renowned for its Dry System and P-Lip construction, the entire product line is comprised of 19 different model categories featuring more than 120 different pipes overall as well as several pipe smoking accessories.  With Christmas just around the corner again, any one of the Peterson pipe models would make the perfect gift.

Peterson Barrel Pipes PopularityPeterson Barrel Pipes

However, their popularity is not restricted to the holiday season, so it really doesn’t matter when you choose to invest in one of these high-quality smoking pipes.  There are three Peterson Barrel pipes to choose from – the Barrel Rustic, Barrel Smooth, and the Tankard Smooth – anyone of which makes an excellent investment.  Along with the Belgique, Calabash, and Tankard, these are some of the most attractive pipes in their entire Peterson product line-up.

Peterson Barrel Pipes Quality

All four pipes have smaller yet more shapely sides and are constructed from top-of-the-line quality briar.  You have the choice between a red or rustic finish and ebony is available occasionally.  Additionally, each pipe is fitted with a special nickel mount.  Finally, all of the Peterson Barrel Pipes are available with either the fishtail or P-Lip mouthpiece.  Whether you are an occasional smoker, carry a pocket pipe, or like to relax in the evenings with a bowlful of some fine, aromatic tobacco, any one of these Peterson Pipes will be ideal.

Peterson Barrel Pipes Dry System

Like every other pipe series in the product line-up, Peterson Barrel Pipes are made with the patented Dry System and P-Lip mouthpiece construction.  Without a doubt, the Dry System is what Peterson brand is most recognized for.  The system enables you to enjoy a cooler, drier smoke every time by keeping moisture from traveling up the stem to your mouth.  The P-Lip was designed to keep the smoke close to the roof of the mouth and away from the tongue as much as possible, thereby minimizing the amount of “tongue bite” that can happen.

Peterson Barrel Pipes Gift

With the holiday season right around the corner once again, Peterson Barrel pipes would make the perfect gift for any pipe smoker, beginner or otherwise.  Compared to other top quality brands available in the marketplace today, the Peterson line is very affordable when you consider the quality of the item.  Finally, this particular pipe series was designed with the most discerning pipe smoking tastes in mind.

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