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Peterson Baskerville Pipes

Peterson Pipes are among the most respected in the pipe world thanks to their quality, great smoking properties, and their classic look. While Peterson releases multiple pipe styles each year, their most successful and popular collection remains the Sherlock Holmes Collection of pipes. This set was first produced in 1987 to celebrate the most famous fictional pipe smoker in history, and each pipe in the set is also available individually. Each also offers something unique in terms of looks and smoke.

Peterson Baskerville PopularityPeterson Sherlock Holmes Baskerville

The Peterson Baskerville is one of the most recognizable and most popular in the entire Sherlock Holmes collection, largely because of its deep, wide bowl and unique curved look. The large full bend draws the eye and makes it something special, and it is probably the most interesting of the entire collection in terms of appearances.

Like other pipes in the collection, the Peterson Baskerville comes in select briarwood that is available in natural gold, ebony, and rustic finish. The extra-large bowl provides a long, satisfying smoke and a sterling silver band with the SH logo separates the band from the deeply bent fishtail mouthpiece. The pipe is also available with a 9mm filter option.

Peterson Baskerville Seconds

For serious pipe lovers, the top of the line pipes will be the preferred option. However, Peterson also issues the Peterson Baskerville and the other Sherlock Holmes pipes in a run of 'seconds'. These are lower quality pipes that are still worth looking at if you want the Sherlock Holmes experience on a budget. The 'second' Baskerville will use lower quality briarwood stock and feature an acrylic coating. Again, it's not the highest quality pipe available but since top of the line pipes can cost several hundred dollars it's worth considering if you're not sure that a large bowled Baskerville is right for you.

Either way, the Peterson Baskerville is a great addition to a pipe collection. To find the one that is right for you, be sure that you take some time to shop around. The demand for these pipes is incredibly high and it can be difficult to locate them at times. Use the internet to your advantage and compare the selection and prices at several different pipe stores so that you can figure out exactly which one offers you the lowest price and the best pipe. The Baskerville gives you a smoking experience unlike any other, and it's well worth taking a look at.

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