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Peterson Churchwarden Styles

There is something classic about a long-stemmed tobacco pipe that takes people back to the days of old Ireland when problems would be discussed over a warm fire and a relaxing smoke. The Peterson Pipe Company does its best to bring back those days with its Churchwarden collection of pipes. If you are looking for something that reminds you of the times spent on an old Irish farm, then this is the collection that you have been looking for.

Peterson Churchwarden Fishtail

All of the Peterson Churchwarden pipes use the Fishtail style of stem that distributes the smoke throughout the inside of your mouth for maximum enjoyment. The Prince Rustic has a bowl made from briar and a stem made of vulcanite. This classic design has the textured bowl with the rounded base to give it a rural and weathered feel. This is the more classic looking pipe of the Churchwarden collection.

Peterson Churchwarden StylesPeterson Churchwarden Smooth

The Dublin Smooth Churchwarden pipe also has a briar bowl and vulcanite stem, but this has a bowl with higher sides for a more regal looking design. The bowl in this design is rounded at the bottom as well, but the sides are smooth with a marbled look to them. The deep bowl in his Dublin Smooth design will allow you to enjoy a longer smoke and take your time as you wander down a country road allowing all of your troubles to wash away.

Peterson Churchwarden Rustic

The Dublin Rustic Churchwarden design combines the texture of the Prince Rustic with the Peterson Churchwarden Styles Rusticdepth of the Dublin Smooth version. The rounded bottom makes this pipe comfortable to carry and easy to clean, while the textured sides give this classic pipe a look and feel that many pipe collectors will recognize. The long stem on this pipe is something that helps to add an air of sophistication to this design.

Peterson Churchwarden Calabash Red

The Calabash Red Churchwarden Smooth is one the finer pipes in this collection. It has a bowl made of briar and a stem made of vulcanite, but the design is that of a standard Calabash gourd bowl. The pattern will be familiar to people who collect Sherlock Holmes inspired pipes and it is also easy to appreciate the kind of work that goes into crafting a pipe like this. Its slender bowl tapers towards the top for a classic look that is enhanced by the long Fishtail stem. This is the kind of pipe you want to have when you are putting together a display that shows the more popular varieties of pipes available.

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