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Peterson Dalkey Pipes

There is something about a Peterson pipe that has allowed the company to endure for the past 150 years and emerge as one of the top pipe companies in the world. One of the things about a Peterson pipe that has kept consumers coming back for more is the detail that goes into creating each individual line of pipes. The Peterson Dalkey line of pipes has been around for many years, and it utilizes a color scheme and design method that has helped to create a very popular line of pipes. The look of the Dalkey is extremely warm and inviting, and that is the effect that the Peterson designers were going for when they started creating the line.

Peterson Dalkey Pipes Look

The Peterson Dalkey line begins with the smooth and warm look of the bowl that has become a staple of the Peterson Company for years. The marbled brown look is warm and inviting and has been something that has allowed people to identify Peterson pipes from the rest. The Dalkey line is enhanced by acrylic Orange ring that helps the stem to meet the mouthpiece. The Orange ring is offset on each side by a gold ring that helps to transition the Orange from the bowl stem to the mouthpiece.

Peterson Dalkey Pipes MouthpiecePeterson Dalkey Pipes

The mouthpiece of the Peterson Dalkey pipe in inscribed with the familiar Peterson “P” insignia and it is made of the highest quality Vulcanite materials. Another way that you can tell whether or not you are looking at a Dalkey is its availability. Even the most prominent pipe retailers find it difficult to keep the Dalkey in stock. The Dalkey brand is manufactured in Ireland and uses a special blend of wood that interacts with the tobacco and creates a unique taste. The unique Peterson dry system is incorporated into each Dalkey pipe, and helps to enhance the smoking experience.

Peterson Dalkey Pipes Bowl

The Peterson Dalkey line of pipes comes with the classic round-bottom bowl and some of the more unique Peterson designs that collectors have become familiar with. When you are trying to determine if you are getting a Dalkey or not, all you have to do is look for the Orange ring offset by gold and you will know that you have a real Dalkey. Take a look at the entire line of Dalkey pipes to find the one design that matches your mood and the one design that will feel most comfortable in your hands.

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