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Peterson Deerstalker Pipes

In 1987 the Peterson Pipe Company introduced the Sherlock Holmes Collection. These 7 pipes each offered a different experience and were each styled just a bit differently. Created to honor Sherlock Holmes, they quickly became Peterson's most successful pipes and have remained so to this day.

Peterson Deerstalker Popularity

While the original set was sold with a collector's rack and the full set of pipes, you can also purchase each pipe individually today. One of the most popular choices from this classic collection is the Peterson Deerstalker, and it has become one of the most widely chosen pipe shapes in the entire Peterson collection. There are plenty of reasons for that, each of them combining with the last to create a pipe that is truly unlike any other.

The Peterson Deerstalker is a uniquely shaped pipe that features traditional proportions with a bit more. It's basically a quarter bent bulldog style pipe that offers a combination of charm, elegance, and performance. Most pipe lovers who have smoked one agree that it features a great draw and that it is a pleasure just to hold in your hand. The large bowl makes it easy to cup and it also holds an ample amount of tobacco that gives you a satisfyingly long smoke.

Peterson Deerstalker Finishes

Made from briarwood and available in several different finishes, the Peterson DeerstalkerPeterson Sherlock Holmes Deerstalker features a chamber depth of 1.66 inches and a diameter of .79 inches. There are some 'seconds' made from lower quality briarwood and featuring an acrylic coating, but if you're looking for the best smoking experience it's far better to spend the money to get the authentic, top of the line pipe. The quality of the smoke and the durability of the pipe will be much better and well worth it.

Of course, a quality pipe like the Peterson Deerstalker is one that is in high demand and it can often be hard to track one down. Many pipe dealers have trouble keeping the Sherlock Holmes pipes in stock. The key is to be patient in your search and to not get so excited when you find one that you pay too much. Spend some time looking at multiple stores online to find those that do have the Deerstalker in stock, and then compare the prices. With a little bit of research you should have no trouble tracking down the best possible price for one of the best pipes on the market today.

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