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Peterson Donegal Rocky - Rustic and Classy!

The Person Donegal Rocky smoking pipe is a favorite amongst many pipe smokers around the world. It is a bestselling asset in the Peterson Pipe artillery, as it offers high quality with an amazing value for money, retaining the fine standards that the Peterson name demands.

Peterson Donegal Rocky is elegantly carved, crafted with a handsome sterling silver mount that symbolizes this distinguished line of smoking pipes, which are easily definable to any perceptive smoker that has an eye for fine quality and good value.

Along with the sterling silver mount, the Peterson Donegal Rocky smoking pipe has a black finish, which gives it a rustic feel and look. Made in Ireland like all Peterson pipes, the Peterson Donegal Rocky pipes are built with the classic and unique Peterson feature, which is the P-lip mouthpiece.

The P-lip is now known as the standard Peterson shape. It was invented back in 1898, meaning to direct the smoke upwards, away from the tongue. This innovation significantly lessoned the chances of the smoker accidentally biting their tongue while using the pipe. This is done as the mouthpiece allows the tongue to rest in the indentation situated beneath the opening of the mouthpiece. Because of the P-lip mouthpiece, Peterson has now become famed as the smoking pipe that provides the smoothest, most mellow smoking experience.

The Peterson Donegal Rocky smoking pipes, all of which come with a Peterson Lip also have a silver band on them. These smoking pipes are unique so they have to be ordered instead of buying them at the counter like most other generic smoking pipes. In fact, the demand for the Peterson Donegal Rocky smoking pipes are so high that retail dealers have placed a twelve week delay in receiving the pipes just because of their fishtail, P-lipped mouthpieces and their nickel and sterling silver bands.

One of the best features of the Peterson Donegal Rocky smoking pipes is that they are crafted with the Peterson Dry System which aids in extending the lives of the tobacco pipes. This system helps in removing the moisture from the stem of the pipe so that it does not have an effect on the durability of the pipe.

The drying system in Peterson Donegal Rocky smoking pipes works through a simple method. The smoking pipe just has a considerably small hole at the extension which is meant for drafts. This draft hole opens rapidly and then closes back down near the bit like shutter. The smoke that leaves the small diameter to enter the large diameter typically expands and then slows down. This process enables the dropping of most moisture from the pipe before it enters your mouth.

The Peterson Donegal Rocky smoking pipes, like all of Peterson pipes are made from the best quality of Brair. There are varying models with the Peterson Donegal Rocky tobacco pipe line which are defined on the Peterson catalogue on www.TobaccoPipes.com . At the site, you can select the Peterson Donegal Rocky pipe that suits your needs the best.