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Peterson Dry System

Learn about the Peterson Pipe Dry System!

Peterson Dry System

The picture above shows a Peterson Tobacco Pipe cut in half. 

The Petersen Pipe Dry System

Albert Einstein was once quoted as saying, “I believe that pipe smoking contributes to a somewhat calm and objective judgment in all human affairs.” One of the reasons behind this statement is that pipe smoking is meant to be a slow leisurely activity. It takes patience to smoke a pipe. Unlike cigarettes and cigars, there is a certain amount of technique to smoking a pipe. Where cigars and cigarettes can just be picked up, lit and puffed on, pipes require the development of a technique in order to get the best smoking experience. In order to improve that experience, a man by the name of Charles Peterson developed the Peterson Pipe Dry System

The Peterson Pipe Dry System was originally designed and patented in 1894 by Charles Peterson in Dublin, Ireland. The system is a combination of several unique designs to the internal chambers of the pipe that help to create a cool, sweet and dry smoking experience. The designs include internal modifications of the moisture reservoir, the bore of the stem and the mouthpiece. These design modifications all work in unison to combat some of the more common problems that are often associated with smoking a pipe. 

The core of the Peterson Pipe Dry System is the bore of the mouthpiece. The graduated design of the bore takes the level of suction by the smoker and reduces it up to 15 times by the time it reaches the tobacco chamber. This reduction in the level of suction reduces the chances of overheating the pipe tobacco and spoiling the smoking experience. It also results in all the moisture of the tobacco being retained in the moisture reservoir and not sucked up into the mouth of the smoker, which in turn, creates a more pleasant smoking experience.

The other unique design feature is the Peterson Lip. The Peterson Lip at the end of the mouthpiece is a slightly smaller opening that is designed to direct the flow of the inhaled smoke upward toward the roof of the mouth. The benefit of this is a significant reduction of the smoke that is directed onto the tongue, which allows the smoke to be evenly distributed throughout the mouth and nearly eliminates the bitterness and discomfort from the effect commonly known as “tongue bite.” The combination of designs in the Peterson Pipe Dry System has often been imitated by others, but never equaled in performance and effectiveness.