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Peterson Fermoy Pipes

When the Peterson Pipe Company releases its signature designs, it makes sure that it takes the time necessary to create works of art as well as pipes. The Peterson Fermoy pipes look like they should be used by the upper end of society, and Peterson puts that kind of effort into their design. You can find the Fermoy line in all of the familiar Peterson bowl designs that collectors have come to appreciate. The Fermoy pipe is made Ireland and the bowl is made from Mediterranean Briar. It is polished to a stunning black finish and capped with a stem made from Vulcanite material. When this pipe is cleaned properly and presented in the right light, it looks like it is made from precious gems.

Peterson Fermoy Pipes BandPeterson Fermoy

As with all Peterson designs, the Peterson Fermoy line has a tell-tale band around it that allows people to differentiate the Fermoy line from other Peterson pipe lines. The Fermoy design has a single gold band where the stem meets the bowl that is inscribed with the “Product of Dublin” insignia on it. After making pipes for over 150 years, it is no wonder that the Peterson Pipe Company has become experts at creating pipes that will catch people’s attention. The Fermoy line is no exception.

Peterson Fermoy Pipes Fishtail

The Peterson Fermoy stem is a fishtail design, which makes it comfortable in any situation. The classic Peterson designs can fit comfortably in your hand or sit on the table and look great. One of the things that Peterson has done with the Fermoy line is incorporate the many straight and curved lines of its bowl designs into this line. The stark look of this glistening black pipe against any backdrop is going to make it stand out from the rest of the pipes on the market. The touch and go availability of the Fermoy line is a testament to its popularity.

Peterson Fermoy Pipes Finish

The reflective finish of the Peterson Fermoy makes it an almost formal pipe that can be used in any occasion. The company has designs of the Fermoy that allow the shine of the bowl to stand out, and there are also designs that have decorative scenes on the bowls which really stand out when the light hits it just right. If you are looking for a pipe that will make a statement, then the Peterson Fermoy is the perfect vehicle for presenting your sense of style along with your ability to find the best things in life at the most reasonable prices.

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