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Peterson Harp - The Symbol of Ireland!

The Peterson Harp tobacco pipe all started in 1890, the world of smoking tobacco pipes was revolutionized by the Peterson system pipe, which gave pipe smokers worldwide access to the highest pleasure one can get from their smoking pipes. With Peterson Pipes innovative changes provided in their elegant pipes, Peterson lets the world know that when it comes to smoking pipes, it truly understood the consumers’ needs.

The Peterson Harp is an award-winning tobacco pipe, which is constructed with the Peterson system designed to smoke cool and dry tobacco, down to the very last puff along with its trademark Peterson Lip. This precise feature has elevated the Peterson brand amongst the top tobacco pipe companies worldwide as it provides comfortable and satisfying smoke to all its users by settling to match the precise contours of an individual’s tongue and lips.

The Peterson Harp smoking pipe has a rich dark brown color which lends it a stately vibe, which is set off beautifully by an Acrylic Cumberland Fishtail mouthpiece which is an example of fine craftsmanship. The Peterson Harp has a beautiful red or brown finish which provides the pipe with a polished look.

Each Peterson Harp pipe has a silver mount which is embossed with a harp, the harp being a symbol of Ireland, where the Peterson brand is originated. Each Peterson Harp smoking pipe bears the legend “Peterson of Dublin, Irish Harp” on their mounts.

The Peterson Harp smoking pipe comes in various styles and shapes. One of these is the Peterson Harp 221, which is exceedingly handsome. It has a hefty yet classic bent, which has billiard styling. You can decide whether you want your Peterson Harp smoking pipe with a p-lip or a fishtail stern.

The Peterson Harp sometimes gets dip-stained. This means that everything on the pipe, from the inside of the bowl to the airways gets stained. However the Peterson Harp smoking pipe is really easy to clean. Some people opt for using sandpaper or steel-wool in attempts to scrub the stains from inside the pipe bowl. Sandpaper can damage the finish of the bowl, so it is advisable to remove the stains by the following steps:

All you need to do is to take a pad of course steel wool. Then you have to roll it into a shape which is sufficient to get inside the bowl of your smoke pipe, and clean it by gently twisting the roll clockwise and then anticlockwise. This takes the stain out easily, without doing any damage to your Peterson Harp pipe. It is also a good process to follow when you are beginning to break in your Peterson Harp Pipe. The Peterson Harp smoking pipe will function exceptionally well if everything you need is drilled squarely.

The Peterson Harp is a part of the Peterson Sherlock Holmes series by Peterson. Pipe enthusiasts worldwide have appreciate the looks of the Peterson Harp pipe in this series, and have been content with the P-lip, but some have also gotten the P-lip replaced by a fishtail according to their taste.

Many however have reported that the Peterson Harp is robust and provides a steady and enjoyable smoking experience.