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Peterson Irish Army: A True Classic!

The Peterson Irish Army tobacco pipes are a part of the Classic Peterson tobacco pipe product line, which houses some of the best and most successful pipes ever created by Peterson of Dublin, as all of their pipes are created from the best quality of materials and superior skilled craftsmen.

The Peterson Irish Army smoking pipe is carved from the finest grade of briar, beautifully grained and sophisticatedly crafted. It has a deep brown semi-matt finish, which lends the pipe a look of sophistication and masculinity at the same time.

The Peterson Irish Army smoking pipe product line includes nine unique shapes of the Peterson Irish Army pipes, which includes straight pipes and bent pipes, each with an elegant nickel band with the trademark Peterson logo etched onto them in graceful calligraphy and a fishtail mouthpiece.

The Peterson Irish Army has been applauded for its diversity in shape. The smallest straight billiard Peterson Irish Army pipe has been known to be exceptionally suitable for those smokers who prefer smoking flakes. Peterson Irish Army smoking pipes have been praised for their aesthetics of the mount, and the fact that they are very practical, enabling the smokers to take the Peterson Irish Army pipe apart for cleaning even while it is hot, enabling a virtually uninterrupted smoking experience.

The Peterson Irish Army tobacco pipe is easy to use, and is broken in very soon after a few initial smokes giving you access to all of its best qualities fairly quickly. The overall length of the Peterson Irish Army pipes is at average about hundred and thirty millimeters, the length differing based on the pipe shape. The straight stemmed Peterson Irish Army pipes are about a hundred and forty five millimeters long while the bend shapes are slightly shorter.

In order to make sure that you are really buying an original, top quality Peterson Irish Army smoking pipe, be sure to notice the hallmarking on the pipe. Although hallmarking is not a legal requirement for most countries, it is required by law in Ireland, so all of Peterson’s smoking tobacco pipes have the hallmark bearing the Peterson legend on their bands.

These are three distinctive symbols, which include the emblem Hibernia, which indicates the country where the pipe was made, the Crowned harp, which is regarded as the mark of fineness which symbolizes the purity of the silver applied to make the band, and the Date Letter Code which signifies the year in which the silver was hallmarked, and the manufacturing date of the pipe. This would ensure that you are indeed purchasing the high quality Peterson Irish Army tobacco pipe that you have paid for, which will provide you with a superior smoking experience.