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Peterson Irish Sea Pipes

It would certainly be expected that a company with the proud Irish heritage that the Peterson Pipe Company has would create at least one line of products dedicated to its home. The Peterson Irish Sea line of pipes has so many elements of the Emerald Isle to it that its origin is unmistakable. When you look the pipe up on the Peterson website, you are given a geography and history lesson regarding the Irish Sea. It is obvious that there is a lot of pride and history that goes into the making of each one of these pipes. It is a national statement made by a company that has been making quality pipes for over 150 years.

Peterson Irish Sea PipesPeterson Irish Sea Pipes Color

The first thing that strikes you about the Peterson Irish Sea pipe is its deep, green hue. The bowl of the pipe is made from briar and then treated in such a way that it takes on the marbled look of a deep green moss. Then the bowl is polished to a shiny finish that is typical of the quality designs that you get from Peterson. The mouthpiece is a fishtail style that is made from Vulcanite. It is a comfortable pipe to hold and a beautiful pipe to look at.

Peterson Irish Sea Pipes Band

The Peterson Irish Sea also has a band to identify what line of pipes it comes from. Each Peterson line of pipes has a tell-tale band that helps it to stand out from the rest of the Peterson collection. The Irish Sea design has a band made from the same green briar that the pipe is made from. The band is offset in each side by a small line of silver that helps it to stand out from the rest of the bowl. It is a beautiful design that is effective at getting anyone’s attention.

Peterson Irish Sea Pipes Branding

The Peterson Irish Sea pipe is branded with the marks of Peterson quality such as the Peterson “P” on the stem and the Peterson name engraved on the bowl. When you look at this pipe, you start to appreciate the results of over 150 years in pipe making experience. The Peterson Dry System is incorporated into the bowl, which enhances the smoking experience and allows your tobacco to last much longer. Peterson has been making the Irish sea brand of pipes for a very long time and all of those years of pride and experience come through with each Peterson Irish Sea pipe on the market.

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