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Peterson Killarney - Elegant In Red

The Peterson Killarney tobacco pipe is a classic pipe in the Peterson Pipe smoking pipe line, which bears the class and elegance of all the Peterson smoking pipes and yet is unique enough to hold its own amongst a long line of excellent smoking pipes launched by Peterson of Dublin.

The Peterson Killarney tobacco pipe is unique because of its red coloring, with a polished finish that gives this quality smoking pipe a beautiful outlook. There are various models of smoking pipes in the Peterson Killarney tobacco pipe line, each with specific features, so that you can choose the Peterson Killarney most suited to you.

The Peterson Killarney tobacco pipes vary in weight, inner bowl diameter and height. The Peterson Killarney which is at the top of its line is the Peterson Killarney red pipe number five, which has a medium capacity bowl and weighs a total of forty three grams. The bowl is forty millimeter and overall is fifteen centimeters in length. It comes it a typical fishtail pipe, which is preferred by some type of smokers that prefer a vintage touch to their smoking pipes. The fishtail pipes are praised for their broad and thick stems, which reviewers claim are a “pleasure to have between the teeth”.

The Peterson Killarney red pipe number six is a smoking pipe which embodies what Peterson is famed for. Although it has the medium capacity bowl which weighs forty three grams, the inner bowl diameter is twenty two millimeter, with the outer bowl having a length of fifteen centimeters, and a height of forty four millimeters. What makes it exclusive to Peterson is the p-lip feature that creates the perfect indentation on the pipe to separate the tongue from the lips to avoid the tongue getting bit while the Peterson Killarney smoking pipe is used.

The Peterson Killarney smoking tobacco pipes are all in varying versions of scarlet, with either a smooth or rustic finish. The airways crafted into the Peterson Killarney smoking pipes are capacious at 4.5mm which make drawing it in very easy. Reviewers have called the Peterson Killarney line “Pipes that will smoke themselves” which means they do not require a lot of effort to break in, and can provide you with its optimal best after two or three times of use.

The Stampings on Peterson Killarney tobacco pipes are kept simple, which makes the authenticity of the Peterson smoking pipes apparent. On the Peterson Killarney, the legend “Peterson” is stamped over the phrase “of Dublin.” This overlaps on the port side of the shank on the ‘B2’ on the starboard of the pipe. The shank is decorated with double matching nickel bands which circle in a black acrylic ring on the pipe. You can purchase special tobacco that complements the Peterson Killarney smoking pipes perfectly as they are retailed under the Peterson name. An example of Peterson Tobacco which would be perfect for the Peterson Killarney smoking tobacco pipe is created out of selective tobaccos which include Burley, Maryland and Virginia leaves mixed together with some Black Cavendish, infused with a cream caramel flavor.

It is extra appealing as it is also blended with hand blended Virginia flakes to provide your tobacco with a sweet aroma which makes smoking the Peterson Killarney tobacco pipe a pleasurable experience.