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Peterson Kinsale Pipes

Some pipes have so much tradition attached to them that their story is enough to keep brisk sales going through the year. The Peterson Kinsale pipe is one of those pipes that has a story to its design that has attracted collectors for years. The Kinsale is based on the classic Sherlock Holmes designs that have been made famous by Peterson Pipe and other well-known pipe makers down through the years. Most people can identify with the design of a Sherlock Holmes pipe, and the Peterson Company retains its standing as one of the companies that released the original Sherlock Holmes pipe look with its Kinsale line.

Peterson Kinsale PipesPeterson Kinsale Pipes Finishes

The Peterson Kinsale line of pipes comes in a smooth or rustic look. The smooth look is that classic marbled look that Peterson has used for over a century. The wood is bent tapered briar and the mouthpiece is made from comfortable and durable Vulcanite. If the smooth look is not what you want, then you can choose to buy a rustic Kinsale pipe. The rustic pipe is a more rugged look and feel that uses the same briar wood and Vulcanite mouthpiece. It is a unique design that has been popular for a very long time with collectors all over the world.

Peterson Kinsale Pipes Band

The classic design of the Peterson Kinsale is preserved in the identifying band that is found where the stem meets the mouthpiece. A simple gold band designates where the two pieces of the pipe meet, which is a different kind of design from the more elaborate bands found on other Peterson designs. The dark brown wood that meets the stark black mouthpiece is a contrast in colors that is appealing in any light. The Peterson “P” is inscribed on the mouthpiece and the Peterson logo can be seen along the bowl as part of the Peterson design tradition.

Peterson Kinsale Pipes LookPeterson Kinsale

The best part about the Peterson Kinsale line of pipes is that it consists of several different classic Peterson looks. The Sherlock Holmes look means different things to different people. Whatever that classic look means to you, there is a very good chance that you will find the right pipe for you in this collection. As with all Peterson pipes, the Kinsale pipes are comfortable to hold, utilize the Peterson Dry Smoke system to create an excellent smoking experience and look like they belong in a museum collection. When you want something unique for your pipe collection, you need to look into the Kinsale collection.

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