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Peterson Made in Ireland

Are you familiar with Peterson made in Ireland pipes?

Peterson pipes have an incredibly long history that dates all the way back to the mid-nineteenth century. Back in 1865, a pair of German craftsmen -- the Kapp Brothers -- came toDublinfrom their nativeNurembergto establish a pipe shop. At that time, the cities ofGermanywere known for their excellent craftsmen and traders, including many who had studied for decades to become masters of their assigned trade. Naturally, they felt that they had the local pipe trade well in hand -- but that was before they met Charles Peterson!

Peterson Made in IrelandOnly a few days after the shop had been established, Peterson entered and boldly proclaimed that he could make pipes better than either of the German masters. That was nearly one hundred and fifty years ago to this date. His boast was correct, and Peterson made inIrelandpipes have borne his name ever since. Teaming up with the Kapp Brothers, he started a tradition which grew to become one of the most storied in the history of pipe making. The shop, located onGrafton Street, soon became a full-sized pipe factory that incorporated both the Kapps' designs and Peterson's.

Today's Peterson made in Ireland pipes continue to draw on this tradition of excellent hand craftsmanship. Both the rustic and finished pipe designs harken back to the innovations first pioneered by Peterson and then championed in large scale production by the Kapp Brothers. One of the most notable of Peterson's additions to the art of pipe making was the "Peterson Dry System" pipe design. The dry system was intended to stop unwanted "tobacco juice" from reaching the smoker and rendering their smoking experience sour. It did so through the addition of a small reservoir which is still incorporated in many Peterson styles today.

To this very day, using a Peterson made in Ireland pipe complete with the revolutionary "dry system" is a unique smoking experience. Because of the dry system, Peterson pipes are not known for using filters the way that many other European pipes do. Instead, the reservoir serves to ensure that your smoke remains as cool and dry as possible. Teamed with the right blend of smooth, flavorful tobacco, it provides a complete flavor experience that is totally self-contained. This will save you money on filters while allowing you to evoke the full scent and flavor of any fine tobacco around.