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Peterson Pipe Ashtrays

The storied history of Peterson Pipes dates back nearly 150 years ago when a Latvian immigrant and craftsman named Charles Peterson settled in Dublin, Ireland.  He soon became a third partner with Friedrich and Heinrich Kapp, two German immigrant brothers who had settled in Dublin before Peterson arrived and opened a small pipe store on Grafton Street.  With his craftsman’s background and a creative flair, Peterson soon began crafting some of the finest pipes that were ever marketed in Ireland.

Peterson Pipe Ashtrays Manufacture

The company evolved over the years and today is recognized as one of the world’s most renowned pipe manufacturers.  They are currently producing roughly 100,000 pipes every year.  The US is now Peterson’s second largest market behind Europe and is responsible for between 12% and 15% of the company’s annual production.  In addition to the many different pipes that are manufactured today, Peterson also carries a broad assortment of pipe and smoking accessories.

Peterson Pipe Ashtrays AssortmentPeterson Pipe Ashtrays

The devoted pipe aficionado always needs certain accessories and the Peterson Pipe ashtray assortment is one of the more popular accessories that the company offers their customers today.  In addition to the ashtrays in their product line-up, they also carry several racks and stands which are used to display your Peterson Pipe collection.  You have a choice of either the round, ceramic pipe and cigar ashtray or the rectangular shaped ceramic two-pipe combination stand and ashtray.

Peterson Pipe Ashtray Two Pipe

The two-pipe combination stand and ashtray is made from black ceramic which features 2 back corner sections for resting your pipes.  In the middle of the ashtray section there is a cork “knocker” for emptying the pipe bowl and not damaging it in the process.  There is even a slot in the lower left front of the item that is big enough to hold a tamper.  The true pipe smoker can appreciate the craftsmanship and functionality that goes into the manufacturing of this Peterson Pipe ashtray and pipe stand.

Peterson Pipe StandsPeterson Pipe Stands

Along with the two ashtrays in the Peterson product line-up, there are seven different pipe stands worth looking at, especially if you smoke more than one pipe.  These stands range from the very basic Peterson ceramic or metal single pipe stand to those models that hold multiple pipes.  You can choose between ceramic, Perspex, and wood construction as well as stands that will comfortably hold 3, 6, or even 12 pipes at a time.  With Christmas quickly approaching once again, these accessories make an excellent gift.

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