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Peterson Pipe Different Types Dream Pipes

Ever wished that you could go “Elementary my dear Watson” as you hold a top of the line smoking pipe like the one everyone’s favorite private eye did. A Peterson pipe fits the bill. Originally the brainchild of its creator Charles Peterson, the Peterson pipe became a smoking phenomenon when the craftsman teamed up with professional pipe makers, the Kapp brothers in Dublin in the 1800s. The brand has since been popular with many pipe smokers around the world.

Peterson Pipe Dry System

However what truly sets a Peterson pipe apart from its counterparts is its unique one of a kind pipe dry system which is designed to guarantee a dry smoke. Besides that, moisture is also prevented from escaping into the mouth through the stem itself since it is designed to open at a rapid pace and close near the bit.

Some people have had trouble cleaning up their Peterson pipes’ P-Lip system. However, a pipe cleaner that is dipped in alcohol will be best for getting rid of any residue (dried tobacco) in the mouthpiece or shank of the pipe.

Some of the better known and unique members of the Peterson Pipe family include the following –

Types of Peterson Pipes

Sherlock Holmes Baskerville

Yes you guessed it. This series of Peterson pipes was designed specifically while keeping the famous Scotland Yard detective in mind. It is made from specially selected briarwood and includes an extra large bowl, a sterling silver band and a smooth polished finish. The silver applications that are a staple feature on all Peterson pipes are actually made by hand and are customized to each pipe.

The Peterson Rosslare Royal Irish

The Rosslare Royal Irish range of Peterson Pipes was first introduced in 2003 and has proven to be immensely successful since then. Pipes in this range come in a deep brown finish which shows the grain of the bowls at their best. The color is further complemented by amber colored mouthpieces.

The Silver “P” and mouthpiece as well as the silverwork on the briar make this a truly exquisite smoking pipe. Pipes from this series are also available in a sandblast finish.

The Peterson Shannon

This is a beautifully finished Peterson Shannon pipe that comes with a light and tan stain. It also sports an eye catching high gloss finish. In other words, it makes for a simple, yet tasteful pipe that is sure to win hearts of even the pickiest smokers.

The Kenmare

This range comes with a rich red finish on the bowl. The glossy coloring sets off the gold colored “P” on it as well. Peterson pipes in this range are usually available in every classic shape that come with a Peterson lip or fishtail mouthpiece.

A Blast from the Past - The Peterson antique Collection

This particular series of Peterson pipes includes two reproductions from days of yore. These pipes appeal to serious pipe smokers that want to recapture times long past. In order to ensure that they do, the pipes have also been engrained with their original design release dates – 1904 and 1908.