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Peterson Pipe Dry System

When the Peterson tobacco pipe founders Friedrich and Henrich Kapp opened their first tobacconist store in 1865 in Dublin, they could hardly have imagined that their pipe designs would give birth to a legend. Both the brothers soon made a name for themselves soon after they opened their store (called Kapp Brothers) and began selling quality Briar root and Meerschaum pipes. 

This is when the Peterson pipe’s original owner, Charles Peterson, walked into the store and claimed that he could make better smoking pipes than they could. However he soon had a change of heart and decided to forge a mutually collaborative partnership with the brothers instead. With a craftsman background, and with Kapp brothers’ extensive expertise in smoking pipes, Peterson came up with the acclaimed Peterson Pipe series of smoking pipes.

The Pipe Dry System

Perhaps it is the Peterson pipe dry system or “Dry System Pipes” that make this brand a force to be reckoned with. Their original patent was issued in Ireland and Great Britain on 8th August 1890. The pipe dry system allows smokers to enjoy a cool smoking experience without having to be wary of the occasional tongue bite. It was this unique design that eventually lifted the Peterson Pipe to new and unfathomable heights.

The P-Lip

Another Peterson pipe was eventually patented in 1898 and was termed as the Peterson-Lip (or P-Lip) mouthpiece. This one was designed to offset inhaled smoke to the roof of a user’s mouth thereby minimize the risk of any tongue bite. The famous P-Lip design was set into the mouthpiece. It was constructed so that any inhaled smoke would flow at the small hole at the top of the stem of the pipe and towards the roof of the mouth.

Thanks to an original pipe design (which has never been equalled since) the Peterson pipe dry system has the capacity to smoke cool, dry and sweet. The main aspect of these pipes is the graduated bore in the mouthpiece. This mechanism reduces the suction of inhaled smoke 15 times less by the time it reaches the tobacco chamber. The moisture is thereby prevented from reaching a smoker’s mouth since it is trapped in the reservoir.

The Peterson Lip also enhances the effectiveness of the graduation bore by changing the flow of the inhaled smoke away from the tongue. This in turn also prevents any bitter taste from reaching the mouth.

As for the shape, a Peterson pipe is contoured. It is also made from Vulcanite and is designed to allow your tongue to rest comfortably under the opening of the pipe in the depression. In order to smoke a Peterson pipe properly the tenon has to have a tip that has to pass into the sump from the draft hole. When you draw in smoke this extension directs it downward and gets rid of a lot of moisture before the tobacco smoke enters the stem.

In other words, the Peterson pipe Dry System is designed to remove moisture from the pipe stem itself since it includes a relatively smaller draft-hole entrance as compared to other pipes.