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Peterson Pipe Of The Year Pipes

The finest pipe manufacturers always find ways to commemorate their historic line of products. One of the most iconic pipe manufacturers in the world is the Peterson Pipe Company. The company has been in business for over 150 years and, in that time, it has created a reputation that makes its pipes collectors’ items as well as everyday smoke utensils. Each year, the company releases the Peterson Pipe of the Year that is meant to represent the absolute best in what the Peterson pipe designers can come up with. The tradition has been going on for years, and each year the final designs are just as much of a surprise as they were the year before.

Peterson Pipe Of The Year Pipes Styles
Peterson Pipe Of The Year Pipes

A good contrast in styles would be to compare the Peterson Pipe of the Year for 2011 to the designs released for 2012. The 2011 Pipe of the Year edition had a long list of different designs that collectors could choose from. The 2011 pipe maintained is sleek look, but the color scheme differed from one pipe to the next and offered collectors a lot of variety to choose from. The 2012 Pipe of the Year consisted of standard design that came in a variety of finishes. Collectors could get the 2012 pipe in a rustic finish, or they could choose the classic gloss ebony finish.

Peterson Pipe Of The Year Pipes Design

The 2012 Peterson Pipe of the Year is a great example of how creative the designers at Peterson can really be. When you look at the standard brown edition of the 2012 pipe, it looks like a strong and steady design that you may have seen before. What makes it unique is that you can get that same design in a brown rustic finish, a flat ebony finish, and a sandblast finish that is essentially the ebony version of a rustic finish. It was a collection of designs that pipe enthusiasts had to have.

Peterson Pipe Of The Year Pipes Limited

As the years come and go, so will the Peterson Pipe of the Year design. These are always classic Irish designs that try to incorporate the best attributes of the pipes throughout the year. Sometimes these annual editions are bold statements made by the Peterson designers and in other years, these are steady classics that everyone can appreciate. When you are looking for the perfect pipe design to add to your collection, be sure that you check out the Peterson annual designs and see if can find what you are looking for in that iconic list of designs.

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