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Peterson Pipes for discerning smokers

Peterson Pipes – Luxurious Pieces for Discerning Smokers

Peterson PipesPeterson pipes feature classic designs with fine sterling silver details, making them among the most handsome pipes on the market. While the pipes’ exteriors are certainly easy on the eye, it’s the quality of the smoke that really distinguishes Peterson brand tobacco pipes. Peterson is not only a source of pride in Dublin, where the company was originally founded in 1890, but their pipes are beloved by smokers across the globe. Peterson pipes stand apart from others based largely on the following characteristics:

  • Impeccable Craftsmanship – To this day, the brand’s pipes are handcrafted using the same skill and attention to detail that was originally employed more than 120 years ago.
  • Highly regarded Peterson System – Peterson pipes feature a small reservoir between the bowl and the shaft to collect moisture before it reaches the smoker’s mouth. This creates a drier and cooler smoke than other pipes and has drawn countless smokers to this particular brand.
  • Innovative Peterson Lip – Also called the P-lip, the brand’s original mouthpiece is designed to fit the contours of the lips and teeth, making for a more comfortable smoke. The P-lip is also unique in that it directs smoke upwards, producing a drier smoke than other pipes. Alternatively the brand also offers fishtail lips, which are comparable to the standard lips found on most other pipes.

While these distinguishing traits are what make Peterson the brand of choice for many smokers, some prefer the nuances of other manufacturers. For this reason, TobaccoPipes.com carries several different brands of pipes. Whether you prefer a Savinelli, Dr. Grabow, Brebbia, or Yello Bole pipe, you’re sure to find the perfect pipe at TobaccoPipes.com.

Contact us to learn more about the various Peterson pipes and other brands of tobacco pipes we offer at TobaccoPipes.com.