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Peterson Pipes Models and Shapes Guide

We are dedicating this page to one of the best pipe brands out there. Selling worldwide for many many years, Peterson Pipes is well known to any pipe smoker. From the patented Standard System pipes to the special occasion pipes like the St. Patricks Day pipes. This will be a continually updated page as we add more and more of these wonderful models and shapes from Peterson. 

Peterson Pipes

Peterson Pipes Models and Shapes Guide

Here we will highlight the many wonderful Peterson pipe shapes and models that Peterson offers in the USA. Though these are not all of the pipes that are offered worldwide, our goal is to request more and more of those pipes for all our pipe friends and collectors.



Peterson Aran pipes are available in only a brilliant smooth finish. Most shapes are available in either fishtail or plip bit as shown in the picture below. Shapes offered in the Aran are 01, 03, 05, 6, 53, 65, 68, 69, 80s, 87, 106, 120, 150, 221, 264, 268, 306, 338, 408, 606, 999, B5, B10, B11, XL02, XL90, and X105. These come with a Vulcanite stem and a nickel band. 

Peterson Aran Pipes


Rosslare Classic

The Peterson Rosslare Classic is offered in the 03, 69, 80s, 106, 150, 408, 606, 999, B5, B10, B11, and XL02 shapes. For the Rosslare, they use some of the highest grade briar (only top 5%). They are ran in a limited number every year and only certain shapes can be made due to the grade of briar available. These have the handcrafted silver mount for the connection from the stem to the bowl. 

Peterson Rosslare Classic



The Shannon is only offered in smooth finish with vulcanite stems and fishtail bit. The smooth finish has a black and tan stain which really highlights the grain in the briar. Shannon comes in 01, 03, 05, 68, 69, 80S, 106, 150, 999, B10, B11, and XL02.

Peterson Shannon


The Tankard series are a great sitting pipe. These well balanced Poker's are offered in three variants. The Smooth has a nice finish that is able to show of the grain of the briar. The Rustic has a reddish brown rusticated finish. The last is the Ebony which has a black matte finish. All three models have have silver bands and come with the PLIP mouthpiece. 

Peterson Tankard 


Peterson Tobacco

Peterson Tobacco Models

Peterson offers many tobacco choices in different sizes to go with their pipes. Many are named similar to a pipe model, such as the Sherlock Holmes series. Every year, they will also put out a few special limited blends only for that occasion or year. The bulk tobaccos they offer are the Connoisseur's Choice, Irish Oak, Irish Whiskey, Old Dublin, Sherlock Holmes and Sunset Breeze. In tins or bags they offer 1865 Mixture, 3 P's Perfect Plug, Aran Mixture, Balkan Delight, Connemara Black, Connoisseur's Choice, De Luxe Mixture, Founders Choice, Gold Blend, Hyde Park, Irish Dew Mixture, Irish Flake, Irish Oak, Irish Whiskey, Luxury Blend, Nutty Cut, Old Dublin, Sherlock Holmes, Signature Flake Blend, Sunset Breeze, Sweet Killarney, University Flake and wild Atlantic. Throughout the year, they also release special blends for different occasions. Some of those blends are Holiday Season, Special Reserve, St. Patricks's Day and Summertime. 

Peterson Tobacco Blends

1865 Mixture

Blended by the Scandinavian Tobacco Group, the 1865 Founder's Collection is a mixture of Latakia and Virginia tobaccos. This English has a tolerable room note and not a lot of traces of flavoring. 

Peterson 1865 Mixture Tobacco


3 P's Perfect Plug

The 3P's Peterson Perfect Plug is blended by Kohlhase & Kopp. They use a mixture of Burley and Virginia tobaccos. This aromatic blend is cut using the plug style.

Peterson 3 P's Perfect Plug Tobacco


Aran Mixture

The Aran Mixture tobacco is an aromatic with a vanilla and and light fruit flavoring. This is blended by the Scandinavian Tobacco Group with a Virginia and Black Cavendish mix. This has a full taste to it with a pleasant room note.

Peterson Aran Mixture Tobacco


Balkan Delight

Balkan Delight is a Latakia, Perique and Virginia mixture by Kohlhase & Kopp. This ribbon cut is an English blend with a tolerable room note. No flavoring is detected in this blend. 

Peterson Balkan Delight Tobacco 


Connemara Black

The Connemara Black is an Aromatic tobacco consisting of Black Cavendish and Virginia tobaccos. This has a great flavor of cherry with a very full taste. If you enjoy cherry tobacco, this is one to try!

Peterson Connemara Black Tobacco


Connoisseur's Choice

Connoisseur's Choice comes in a tin blended by Kohlhase & Kopp. This ribbon cut Aromatic has a great hints of flavor of maple, vanilla & rum. It has a medium taste and a pleasant room for others to enjoy the aroma.

Peterson Connoisseur's Choice Tobacco 


De Luxe Mixture

The De Luxe Mixture is a mix of Black Cavendish and Virginia tobacco. This is blended by Kohlhase & Kopp to make an aromatic with flavors of honey, vanilla and walnut. This ribbon cut is a great medium tasting smoke in any Peterson pipe!

Peterson De Luxe Mixture Tobacco 


Founders Choice

Founders Choice is pressed and cut into cubes for your smoking experience. The Burley, Black Cavendish, Oriental, and Virginia tobaccos help give this popular blend flavors of mango, rum and vanilla.

Peterson Founder's Choice Tobacco Tin


Gold Blend

In the Peterson Gold Blend tobacco blend you will taste hints of cinnamon, hickory nut and vanilla. Blended by Kohlhase & Kopp, this aromatic has a pleasant room note that others will enjoy.

Peterson Gold Blend Tobacco


Hyde Park

The Hyde Park tobacco has an excellent flavor from the rum and maple sugars pressed in the tobacco. This English blend is a broken flake cut and is known to have a tolerable room note.

Peterson Hyde Park Tobacco


Irish Dew Mixture

The Irish Dew Mixture has whiskey and blossom fruit undertones and hints of vanilla and chocolate from the Burley. This is a Ready Rubbed tobacco with a pleasant room note. 

Peterson Irish Dew Mixture Tobacco


Irish Flake

The Irish Flake is recommended by Peterson for experienced pipe smokers. This is a very strong bold smoke.  The full-bodied blend made of equal amounts of air-cured, flue cured and dark fired. 

Peterson Irish Flake Tobacco


Irish Oak

Zimbabwean orange smoking grades and aromatic Thailand Burley smooth the bold Irish Oak tobacco out. Kohlhase & Kopp blend this to perfection. This is a popular Peterson tobacco that many enjoy. 

Peterson Irish Oak Tobacco


Irish Whiskey

The Irish Whiskey is a great blend of Burley and Kentucky tobaccos with a hint of, you guessed it, Irish Whiskey. The Burley used in this blend is from Africa, Brazil and India. This is a stronger blend and the room note is tolerable. 

Peterson Irish Whiskey Tobacco


Luxury Blend

Kohlhase & Kopp blended the Luxury Blend to truly be a luxury when smoked. This smooth mix of Burley, Cavendish and Virginias make this Aromatic a great smoke. There are hints of aroma of orange, honey, and a touch of vanilla.

Peterson Luxury Blend Tobacco


Nutty Cut

Rum, coconut and macadamia nuts make up the flavor of the Nutty Cut tobacco. These flavors give this an awesome pleasant room note. Burley, Cavendish and Virginia blended by Kohlhase & Kopp make this tobacco a great nutty smoke!

Peterson Nutty Cut Tobacco


Old Dublin

The Old Dublin consists of Latakia, Turkish Oriental and Virginia tobaccos blended by Kohlhase & Kopp. This doesn't have any flavoring and has a tolerable room note. 

Peterson Old Dublin Tobacco


Sherlock Holmes

This ribbon cut Burley and Virginia blend make up the Sherlock Holmes tobacco. This secret recipe is an old Irish recipe dating back to 1880's. If you like history and mystery, you must try this blend. 

Peterson Sherlock Holmes Tobacco


Signature Flake Blend

Signature Flake Blend from Peterson blended by Scandanavian Tobacco Group is a great treat. These flake cut Virginias make a smoke of a little spice and a little sweet. This has a pleasant room note so others can enjoy the sweet smell. 

Peterson Signature Flake Blend Tobacco


Sunset Breeze

Sunset Breeze tobacco is a ribbon cut, aromatic blend. This blend by Kohlhase & Kopp consists of Black Cavendish, Burley and Virginia tobaccos. It has a medium taste with an Amaretto flavoring to enjoy. 

Peterson Sunset Breeze Tobacco


Sweet Killarney

This tobacco has a phenomenal taste to it. The cream caramel flavoring provides a smooth smoke. It is ribbon cut and made up of Maryland Black Cavendish & Virginia Burley.  

Peterson Sweet Killarney Tobacco


University Flake

Burley and Virginia make up the Peterson University Flake tobacco. Being a flake, you can rub this out to the desired consistency for your preferred smoke.  

Peterson University Flake Tobacco 


Wild Atlantic

The Scandinavian Tobacco Group blends the Wild Atlantic for Peterson to make a great smoking tobacco. This English is ribbon cut to allow you to easily fill your bowl for an enjoyable smoke. 

Peterson Wild Atlantic Tobacco



Every year, throughout the year, Peterson releases several special blends for the season or a special occasion. One of the blends they release is the Summertime blend. For 2016, the blend consist of Burley and Virginia tobaccos with a rum and vanilla flavor. These are produced in limited quantities so get yours while you can!

Peterson Summertime 2016 Tobacco



St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day tobacco goes hand-in-hand with the Irish Peterson brand. Pair it with a St. Patrick's Day pipe and you got yourself a perfect match. The St. Patrick's Day tobacco 2016 blend included Virginia, Black Cavendish, and Burley to provide at whisky and citrus flavor. A clean smooth smoke to enjoy over the holiday!

Peterson St. Patrick's Day Tobacco 


Special Reserve

The Special Reserve is a "special" tobacco for Peterson lovers. Each year, Peterson changes the blend to provide a unique flavor. The 2016 Special Reserve has a terrific exotic fruit flavor. This ribbon cut, Aromatic consists of Virginia, Burley and Cavendish tobaccos.

Peterson Special Reserve 2016 Tobacco


Holiday Season

Peterson Holiday Season is released for the cheer of Christmas or that time of the year. The tin is usually decorated with something to remind us of the spirit of the holiday. Like the other special tobacco, these are released each year in a new tin. For 2016, the Holiday Season had a blend of Virginia, Black Cavendish, and Burley tobacco's bended by Scandinavian Tobacco Group. Grab this and give it a try before the all disappear! 

Peterson Holiday Season 2016 Tobacco


Peterson Accessories

Peterson Accessories

Peterson offers many accessories for their pipes and tobacco. They have tamps, pipe pouches, tobacco pouches, 3-in-1 tools and polishing cloths. The accessories are of the same quality of the famous pipes. 


Peterson Lighters

Peterson offers several lighters to go with your pipe. Two models featured are the Thinking Man series and the Peterson series. The Thinking Man series has a picture of a man on the lighter and comes in four colors. They are offered in satin, green, red, and blue. The Peterson series has a "P" on the lighter and offered in brown, black and silver colors.

Peterson Lighters


Peterson Pouches and Bags

Peterson offers several series of pouches and bags to store your tobacco and pipes. The three series are Peterson series, Classic series and Deluxe series. See the options below!

Peterson Pouches and Bags


Peterson Ashtray

Over the years, Peterson put out several different ashtray models. Today only a few remain or are offered. Below you can see the the one that is offered in the US.

Peterson Ashtray


Peterson Tools

Peterson has the tools you need to enjoy your pipes. They offer 3-in-1 tools, polishing cloths and awesome tamps.

Peterson Tools