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Peterson Sherlock Holmes Pipes

The Peterson Pipe Company has cemented its legacy as one of the greatest pipe companies in history, and that's largely due to its reputation as a provider of high quality pipes that look great and smoke great. Unlike some other pipe companies, quality is the primary focus of a Peterson pipe, not turning a profit. And among the Peterson pipes, the Peterson Sherlock Holmes line is the most popular.

Peterson Sherlock HolmesPeterson Sherlock Holmes Styles

There are several different styles of Peterson Sherlock Holmes pipes, each offering something different. The pipe line has become the most successful that Peterson ever released, and was debuted in 1987 in honor of the famous literary collection. Largely considered to be the most famous fictional pipe smoker in history, it's only natural that a line of pipes be introduced to honor him.

The initial Peterson Sherlock Holmes pipes came in a special 7 day set with a specialty rack. All made from selected briar and featuring extra-large bowls, and offering a choice of the Peterson Lip or the fishtail style mouthpiece, this initial collection quickly became a collector's prize. After the first run, the pipes were made available individually as well.

Peterson Sherlock Holmes Grades

Now, any smoker can find a great Peterson Sherlock Holmes since there are also secondPeterson Sherlock Holmes Pipes grade runs that allow new smokers to try out these pipes without spending top dollar. However, it's worth noting that buying a 'second grade' pipe will result in a less than stellar experience. They're still good pipes, but they lack the silver Sherlock Holmes bands that the top-line pipes come with and feature a lower quality bowl with an acrylic coating. Still, if you want a remarkable pipe that will turn heads and capture your imagination, starting with a second grade is a good option that could help you decide to move upwards to a more serious pipe.

As mentioned above, there are several different pipes in the Peterson Sherlock Holmes collection including The Professor, The Watson, The Baker Street, The Deerstalker, The Baskerville, and the Squire. Each offers something different and all are worth taking a look at. Choose the one that seems to suit your personality the best and that you can actually find at a price you deem fair. The market for these pipes is still very robust, and if you're looking for them you may be surprised by the demand. However, it's well worth it when you settle into your favorite chair with a Sherlock Holmes in hand.

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