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Peterson Standard - Being Upheld Since 1890!

The Peterson Standard smoking pipes are aptly named as they are the very embodiment of the Peterson of Dublin brand standards and philosophy.

Peterson System tobacco pipes are an exceptional value for the money. The Peterson Standard tobacco pipes are excellent pipes to smoke, as are the other two ranges in the Peterson line of pipes, the Premier and Deluxe. There is no discrimination in quality in the three ranges. The different lines are only created to distinguish between the fit and finish of each pipe, which leads to varying prices in smoking pipes.

The Peterson System is what defines the Peterson Standard, as it is the bastion of the Peterson pipe family. This system is unparalleled in the joy smoking it gives to the owner.

The Peterson system is inspirational, and many different tobacco smoking pipe brands have tried to inculcate the Peterson Standard craftsmanship and functions, but have only succeeded in creating pale imitations. As Peterson of Dublin had the foresight to get its system patented, it is the sole brand of smoking pipes that offers a smoke that is dry, cool and sweet in nature.

The Peterson Standard tobacco pipe relies on the scientific effectiveness that is put into the creation of the original prototype of Peterson Standard pipes. The defining core of the system is based upon the exclusive graduated bore in the mouthpiece of all Peterson Standard smoking pipes. This enables the moisture created during combustion to flood into the reservoir created for the purpose of moisture accumulation preventing it from reaching the smoker’s mouth.

The Peterson Standard would not be what it is today without the Peterson Lip feature. The Peterson Lip, or the P-lip which it is now known as, is a one of a kind feature that creates an indentation in the stem of the pipe. This, enhanced with the graduated bore directs the flow of the smoke upwards, away from the tongue to provide a distinctively even distribution of smoke, which prevents the risk of tongue bite or bitter aftertaste.

The scientific contouring of this shape is fashioned so that the tongue can rest at ease in the indentation situated under the opening of the pipe. The quality of this feature is ensured by regulating the construction of the P-lip in every Peterson Standard pipe is made from top quality vulcanite.

This feature is exclusive to Peterson ever since 1890, when it caused a revolution in pipe smoking, enhancing smoking pleasure for delighted pipe smokers worldwide.

The Peterson standard was enhanced further in 1898 by the creation of the Peterson Lip mouthpiece, which established Peterson as a brand that has a deep understanding of the pipe man’s needs by smokers everywhere.

The System pipe smokes cool and dry to the last puff and has won for its creators many Gold Medal awards.

Tobacco and pipes go hand in head and it has been noted that the Peterson Standard pipes do especially well with Virginia tobaccos. You can own a long lineage of the Peterson Standard pipes which can include collection of both Pre-Republic and Patent Era pipes to really make you understand the headway Peterson has made into improving the Peterson Standard pipes.