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Peterson Tankard Pipes

The Peterson Pipe brand of pipes is known by pipe smokers worldwide and is by far, one of the most popular brands available on the market today.  Peterson pipes became a phenomenon when Charles Peterson, a Latvian immigrant and craftsman, partnered with Friedrich and Heinrich Kapp in Dublin, Ireland in 1865.  From the very beginning, Peterson demonstrated a flair for the creative when it came to handcrafting pipes.  The company today produces about 100,000 pipes annually for worldwide distribution with Europe being the top consumer while the US is second and responsible for 12% to 15% of their annual production.

Peterson TankardPeterson Tankard Pipes Finishes

One of the most popular and attractive pipe series in the entire Peterson product line-up are the Peterson Tankard Pipes.  The Tankard pipe is available in red or rustic finishes and occasionally in ebony.  It features a slimmer, slightly taller bowl than other pipes in the product line but is recognized most for the patented Peterson Dry System and P-Lip mouthpiece.  The Dry System affords the smoker a cooler, drier smoke while the P-Lip helps to prevent tongue bite by directing the smoke more towards the roof of the mouth.

Peterson Tankard Pipes Characteristics

Peterson Tankard Pipes are characterized by their individuality and uniqueness as are the rest of the items in the product line.  This is attributed to the methods and tools that are used in the manufacturing process.  The briars used in the making of Peterson Pipes are rigorously scrutinized for exceptional or “straight” grains and are guaranteed to be free of imperfections prior to carving each pipe in order to ensure making the finest quality pipe possible.  Finally, each pipe is hand-carved by skilled craftsmen.

Peterson Tankard Pipes Gifts

With the holiday season almost upon us, you might consider giving your favorite pipe smoker one of the Peterson Tankard Pipes that are currently available on the market.  However, it doesn’t have to be a holiday or a special occasion when it comes to purchasing one of the Tankard series or any other for that matter.  In addition to all the quality factors mentioned above, the Tankard is manufactured to the finest standards of Irish craftsmanship.

Peterson Tankard Pipes Filterless

Unlike other European-made pipes, Peterson Pipes do not use filters thanks to the built-in reservoir, one of the innovations that Charles Peterson designed and developed in order to provide the user with a more satisfying smoke.  Additional information regarding Peterson Tankard pipes can be obtained by logging on to the internet and reading several product reviews that are published online.

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