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Peterson The Professor Large Pipes

Sherlock Holmes is one of the most famous literary figures in history, and also possibly the most famous pipe smoker in all of fiction. So it only makes sense that there be a collection of pipes made to honor him, and in 1987 the Peterson Pipe Company did just that. The Sherlock Holmes Collection was first issued in a 7 pipe set with a special stand, but the pipe line became the most successful and popular in the Peterson Company's history. As a result, the pipes in the collection were made available individually and continue to be the most popular set of shapes in the Peterson line.

Peterson Sherlock Holmes ProfessorPeterson The Professor Large Pipes Uniqueness

Among the Sherlock Holmes pipes, the Peterson The Professor Large is one of the most unique and identifiable. This is a large pipe featuring half bent brandy shape. Made from high quality briarwood and available in numerous different finishes, the bowl is extra-large and a pleasure to hold. It's deep enough to give you a smoking experience that will last far longer than most other pipes, as well. The fishtail stem is separated from the bowl with a sterling silver band complete with the SH logo, and the entire pipe is designed to look as stunning as it performs.

The Professor, and all other pipes in the Sherlock Holmes collection, is fairly difficult to track down due to the high demand of it. Even online pipe superstores are often sold out of these pipes and it can take time to find one that is available and not on an auction site. But it's important to exhaust all of your options before you go with one of those sites, mainly because auction sites can often result in a much higher price for the pipes than you would pay at retail. The Professor is a worthy addition to any pipe collection, sure to provide you with years of pleasure.

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