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Peterson versus Brebbia Tobacco Pipes

Choosing a tobacco pipe is important when you're planning on getting a good smoke.  It's not as vital as the tobacco that you use, but it will have a huge impact on the smoking experience, so you'll need to carefully consider it.  While there's no right or wrong brand for pipes since each offers something different, two of the very best companies to consider when you buy a pipe are Peterson and Brebbia.  They have some similarities and some differences, but both are respected choices that offer high quality pipes that with proper care can last you a lifetime.  Here's a look at what you should know about the two brands.

Brebbia Tobacco PipesBrebbia pipes are actually descended from another well-known brand – Savinelli.  The company was founded as a partnership between a Savinelli family member and Enea Buzzi.  The factory is located in Brebbia, Italy, and when Buzzi took over the company it was named for the town.  About 35,000 of these pipes are made each year and they use air cured briar of the highest quality along with the most precise creation processes available.  They're usually thought of as mid to high grade pipes, and offer excellent smoking experiences every single time you light them up.

Peterson Tobacco PipesPeterson pipes are available in numerous styles, finishes, and price ranges.  Those interested in a high quality smoke at a more affordable price will love them.  They offer a hand-crafted line that is made using only straight grain briar wood of the highest quality.  They're hand carved for excellence.  Peterson pipes also include the Peterson Lip, a specially designed end that attaches to the pipe and provides comfort and excellent smoke.  Numerous styles are available, and a pipe lover will find something that fits their personality and style perfectly when they choose to buy a Peterson pipe.

So which one is right for you?  With both of them offering excellent pipes in a variety of price ranges and different styles, it's really more of a matter of personal preference.  Brebbia has a famous pedigree, but Peterson offers some of the smoothest smoking pipes available as well.  The key is to find a pipe that fits your collection and matches your personal taste.  While buying the right tobacco is a must as well, it all starts with your pipe.  Take the time to pick the right one and you'll enjoy using it for many years to come.