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Peterson versus Dr. Grabow Tobacco Pipes

There may only be a small number of pipe brands seen in the marketplace today, but sometimes it can be a bit difficult to differentiate between them. Two of the more famous brands are the Peterson Pipe and the Dr. Grabow. These pipes come from two different places and two different traditions. Yet, the quality and style of these pipes make the quite popular with pipe smokers around the world. Let look at these pipe brands and see what they offer.

Peterson Tobacco PipesPeterson Pipes comes from the Republicof Ireland. The company originated as a tobacco shop ran by two brothers: Friedrich and Heinrich Kapp in the late 1800s. The shop went by the name of Kapp Brothers. They gained an excellent reputation for providing quality pipes. Within a few years, the Kapp brothers teamed up with pipe maker Charles Peterson. His design for a new pipe is what set off the pipe making business that still produces the Peterson Pipe to this day. The company reinvented itself as Kapp & Peterson. The reputation for quality and customer service remains today.

Dr. Grabow Tobacco PipesThe Dr. Grabow brand had its start in another part of the world. The idea of this pipe began as a brainstorm from Chicago pipe manufacturer, M. Linkman & Co. With a new design for a pipe in hand, the company owner asked if he could use the name of an acquaintance, Dr. Paul E. Grabow. The doctor was flattered and consented. Manufacture of the pipe began in 1930 inChicago. The company moved manufacture to its current location inSparta,NCin 1947. This pipe brand is very popular with smokers around the world.

When you compare the histories of these pipe brands, you can see the differences and the similarities. When you look at what they produce, you will begin to see the differences. The Peterson pipe utilized their unique Peterson P-lip system. The Dr. Grabow utilizes a similar system, but also primes the pipes by putting through a pre-smoking process that shortens the breaking in time.

If you are new to the tobacco world, you may be wondering which of these is right for you. The choice of a pipe is distinctly personal. You may want one with a smooth finish. You may want something a bit more rustic. You might choose a short stem or a large one. You may want a straight pipe or a curved one. Many just make the commitment to jump in and try different styles until they find the right one for them. You can do well with any Dr. Grabow or Peterson tobacco pipe that they choose.