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Pipe and Pipe Tobacco

Pipes are hand-held tools that are used to smoke pipe tobacco. Pipes have a stem that attaches to a bowl and is used hold the tobacco. Smoking supplies also include the tobacco itself and other item used to light the smoke. When it comes to storing pipe and pipe tobacco, proper precautions must be taken in order to preserve the tobacco's aroma and taste. When considering the proper way to store your tobacco, you might think that you should store it in the same way as a cigar. But, this is a mistake.

Pipe and Pipe Tobacco Storage

Storing pipe and pipe tobacco properly ensures that your smoke supplies will last as long as you need them. Storing these items in the proper way is not a difficult task and can actually improve the texture and taste of tobacco through the process of aging. If you store tobacco in an airtight bag or jar and in a controlled environment the tobacco can last for years and not dry out. You can accomplish this with just a few, cheap items and a small storage space in your home.

Make to use clean jars for this purpose. You should wash your storing containers with very hot water. Alternatively, you can soak your container and lid in boiling water. Dry the jar thoroughly so that there is no moisture remaining in the storage jar. Moisture in the jar can cause mold to appear on dry tobacco during a long storage time.

Be sure that your storage area has a controlled temperature as well as humidity level. You don't want to store pipe and pipe tobacco in a very dry or very moist environment as these conditions will negatively impact the drying process and subject the tobacco to either mold contamination or make it harsh during smoking.

Next in the process of storing pipe and pipe tobacco is the placement of the tobacco inside the jar. Now that you know what condition is preferable for this storage, the next step is to place the tobacco inside the jar. Depending on the quantity of tobacco you are storing and the length of time, you can use various sizes of the jar to store larger and smaller quantities of tobacco. It is not a good idea to Smoke dried out pipe tobacco. It is not an enjoyable experience. Smoking such tobacco will hurt your throat because the tobacco gets too harsh. That is why you should keep your tobacco moist and fresh.