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Pipe Case

If you like to take your pipe with you wherever you go, whether that be out to dinner with family or friends, onto the golf course for a good day of golf, or on a weekend fishing trip with friends, a pipe case is a good investment to make. While it is true that you can carry your pipe in a pocket, when you do so, you run the risk of damaging your pipe. Pipe cases will give you an added level of protection that will keep your pipe in the best possible shape for as long as possible.

Pipe Case Protects Pipe

Carrying a pipe around in your pocket can significantly reduce the lifespan of your pipe. Coins, keys and other common items that may be in your pocket can scratch your pipe or get stuck in the bowl. An accidental bump or slip and fall can crack your pipe or even break it in half if you’re not careful, and even if you are, there is no controlling anyone else. Even if you keep your pocket empty of other items and guard it with your life when out in public, the packed down tobacco and ash can still end up leaving your pipe and lining your pocket. Even if that doesn’t happen, pocket lint rarely contributes a desirable flavor to your pipe smoking experience. A pipe case will go far in eliminating your worries about any of this happening.

Pipe CasePipe Case Protects From Sun

Another good reason to have a pipe case is because of the sun. Most pipe stems are made of a material commonly known as Vulcanite or Ebonite. What this material actually is going to be is a form of hard rubber that is created by a process called Vulcanization. Vulcanization involves a hardening process of natural rubber by adding large amounts of sulphur. With repeated or long-term exposure to the sun, Vulcanized rubber can start to oxidize and leach some of that sulphur, dry out and eventually crack. Even if your pipe doesn’t crack, the oxidation can ruin the look of your pipe and add a bad taste to your smoke. Storing your pipe in a pipe case can protect it from those damaging ultraviolet rays. 

All In One Pipe Case

If all of this hasn’t convinced you to invest in a pipe cases, perhaps this might sway you. Many pipe cases allow you to carry two or more pipes at once, and they can also include pouches for your tobacco and cleaning supplies. That way, you will have an all-in-one kit that you can bring with you wherever you happen to go. With the protection and convenience that pipe cases offer, why wouldn’t you want one?

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