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Pipes For Beginner

Tobacco pipe smoking is one of the oldest and most enjoyable methods of smoking that there is. While cigarette use is declining, there seems to be an increase in the number of people who are interested in what pipe smoking offers them. With many aromatic tobaccos available and with countless pipes out there that each offers a unique experience for smokers, it's not hard to see why. But those just starting to look into the world of pipe smoking will likely want to figure out just what the best pipe for a beginner is. Really, that Pipes For Beginnerdepends on the person buying the pipe. The Vauen Beginner set has a great set to get started!

Beginner Looks At

When most people think of a pipe for a beginner, a couple of things need to be looked at. The first is obviously price, and if one isn't sure if they are going to enjoy smoking a pipe then it makes sense not to spend hundreds on an initial pipe purchase. Luckily, there are plenty of entry-level pipes that are reasonably priced.

There's really no right or wrong purchase when looking for a beginner tobacco pipe. Each style offers a unique experience, and while some recommend starting with a basic but popular billiard style pipe, one can just as easily enjoy an author style, apple shape, or even a churchwarden if they really want to. However, different types of pipes can involve different methods of care and cleaning, so for most it's a good idea to begin simply.

Narrow Pipe Options

Start by trying to narrow down the kind of pipe you want by style and shape. Whether you want a curved stem or straight one, a volcano sized bowl or a simple tankard, spend a couple of minutes looking at the different options out there. Then look at them in terms of overall price to help figure out which ones are within your budget. In most cases, each pipe will be available in different finishes so you'll find one that matches your style.

Many people suggest starting with a basket pipe since they're inexpensive. While this is a good option, the fact is that sometimes a basket pipe isn't of the highest quality needed to really appreciate pipe smoking and starting with one could cause a new smoker to give up the hobby outright. There are plenty of very high-quality yet affordable pipe options out there, and finding the right one is usually a simple process that will reward a new smoker with a hobby they'll love. 

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